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News article:
Goulburn River: Your story - Rob Asplin, River Country Adventours[PDF 85 KB]
(News story from Environment Victoria)


Just a quick email to thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon! We loved the drive in and can't stop talking about that magnificent tree. The canoeing was fabulous - just right for us! Cheers Julien, Felicity, Laura & Nat :-)


Fantastic update Rob congratulations on your success. Wishing you and Joan a fantastic festive season and prosperous new year! Warmest, Despina


On behalf of St Albans Secondary College we want to thank you and your team once again for your fantastic support of our Year 8 Camping Program. Having attended my first canoe adventure last month I can honestly say we are lucky to have your services for our students. You have a great manner with them and they have a fun filled day that they will remember for a long time. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Regards Ian Crocker


Hi Rob and Joan,

Congratulations on getting into the international market well done and deserved, keep up the great work.

I always enjoy reading your newsletters and reminding us of the terrific trip we had to Lake Eyre.


Peter Tacey



Hi Rob And Joan Yes we have certainly made everyday count –congrats on your ongoing tourist performance giving delight to people
Keep kicking with the wind –come on the hawks!
Much love
barry and Bev


Hi Rob and Joan

great bulletin –don’t know how you keep going in what must be a very competitive industry –but you have made a special niche and you are to be absolutely admired for being so successful
Have a great may and June at lake Eyre

Barry and Bev



Hi Rob and Joan

Trust you are well and enjoying life.

I’m going to do another 5-6 night canoe trip and as you may remember I succeeded last time, making a date  on the fourth attempt!

So I’m slipping  the mooring lines now and we will see how long it takes me to get aboard.

I want to go sometime in March or April.

I want to slow down this time and absorb the trip, places and time.

I felt I was more on a mission last time..deadlines...all my doing...I loved it .


‘Be here by a certain time’...’dinner at this time.’’.’’’’ no time for lunch’...’I’m late’... ‘do the tent in this time’...’ cook,, clean’,,, ..’ bed.’..’ time to get up ‘..etc etc.. I was like a drill sergeant... bossing myself around!

I think a sleepy old river can be tackled a little differently.

There were so many spots where you can stop and contemplate...absorb...listen...close your eyes and feel alive.

The wind on the water..the ripples..your skin and hair....the eagles circling the raucous cockatoos..knowing one will be lunch...

I’m ahead of myself...But I have closed my eyes recently and I can see the trip quite vividly.

I’m open to suggestion...water levels...quieter times(no Easter for me thank you).

Launching spot.. camps... finish spot...etc...When you have a minute or two I look forward to your ideas....

Good Health..............


Gary Yodgee


Hi Rob
I meant to write this almost immediately after our great morning on the river before new year but alas I am guilty of letting too much time pass by! 

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for providing us with your wonderful and friendly service.  My daughter Mhairi and her boyfriend Luke enjoyed it as much as Paul and me.  Mhairi particularly loved the entertainment Paul provided by capsizing ... his 2nd dunking. .. he fell into the water trying to get out of the kayak on our first paddle a couple of years ago. 

We must do it more often.  I'll keep entering your competitions and hopefully I can win another coupon and be able to use it this time! 

I loved the Tahbilk winery .. reminded me very much of the European settings and of the time I lived in rural France .. oh what joy that was!

Anyway thanks again for providing a first class service and a great fun experience. If love to go on the river really early on the morning before the humans wake up and disturb it .. would love to experience the birds and other animals at dawn,  the best part of the day. Don't worry,  not asking you to give us kayaks at dawn ... bur early would be wonderful ..

Cheers for now



Dear Rob & Joan

Just a quick note to say thank you for making a great 2015 Christmas canoeing trip for the our family of 7 along the Trawool to Seymour stretch of the Goulburn.  We all had a relaxing and enjoyable paddle, and along with the swimming snake (we didn’t bother it and it didn’t bother us!), the many birds and the occasional platypus, it made for a really worthwhile and unique family experience!  We appreciated your help in setting up, patiently waiting for us at the end, and then transporting us back to our vehicles.  In particular, we want to thank you Rob for your friendliness, flexibility and the sense that you were there for our sake and safety only - an approach that you rarely get from other venture tours.  Have a great 2016 and we will hopefully give you a call again soon for another trip.

Peter & Kerry Moulton

Highlands (via Geelong!) – and yes, Go Cats!     


Hi Rob and Joan. Great bulletin –Bev and I wish you both a happy Xmas and a wonderful 2016. You are exceptional people and what you do in business, bringing joy to so many people is credible. Have a beer for us and we will for you.
Warmest  regards - Barry and Bev


If you’re looking for a relaxing (but not lazy) day canoeing one of Victoria’s most pristine and wildlife-rich rivers, look no further.
My partner and I were lucky enough to be gifted a half-day on the Goulburn River, so drove the 2 hours from Melbourne one sunny Saturday morning with great anticipation.

Rob at Aventours runs a very nice service, delivered in a fuss-free, friendly and casual way. At no point were we rushed (I was a little concerned that driving from Melbourne we’d be running late).
As it turned out we were a little delayed (you never know when you’ll end up behind a road train when driving in the country) but Rob didn’t mention it at all, simply extended his hand for one of the most satisfying handshakes I’ve had of late, with a big grin.
You get the feeling it would take a lot to ruffle this genuine, salt-of-the-earth character’s feathers. We followed him up the highway, then on to the parking location. We were given our dry bag (to hold the all-important valuables and must-bring camera!) and then hopped into Rob’s canoe-towing ute for the 15-minute trip to our launch point upstream. On the way we saw some great Aussie bush of the straight-out-of-a-painting variety, and at various intervals Rob would put on his ‘Tour guide hat’ to fill us in on flood cycles, and flora and fauna in the area. When the guide hat was off, Rob’s sense of humour and appreciation for people from all walks of life came through in some great tales about past tour-goers.

Yep, this guy is a people person, and it was clear Rob had our number! When asked whether we’d opt for the 10, 12 or 14 km (14km) and what colour canoe we’d like (red, because they go faster!) Rob knew the answers before we gave them.
Before long, we were at the launch point. Lifejackets on, paddling demo complete, our canoe in the water, we were off. Rob told us a bit about what to expect along the way, then (other than a couple of times he checked up on us from the road) to our own devices we were left.

So it was us and the river… and what a beautiful river. The air smells fantastic, the bird life is abundant–cockatoos, galahs, ducks, kingfishers to name a few–and the serenity. So much serenity. We only saw one person, a fisherman, the entire time. Which happened to be the exact moment we had our only gumby moment and crashed into the bank. (Gently though, and it could have easily been avoided had my partner notified me he was taking a photo and hadceased to paddle. What fun!)

There’s a lot of submerged & semi-submerged fallen trees to negotiate (courtesy of the last major floods) but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Even with our lack of experience we had our vessel effortlessly gliding through the water in no time. The river varies in width, bank height, and currents enough to keep things exciting, but on the whole there’s minimal effort required to get you there. We stopped once to investigate a bottle poking out of shoreline (turned out to be a vintage beer bottle) and it was easy enough to get in and out of the canoe. The only drawback was the flies, they’re all up in your face, so I recommend some sort of barrier. I wrapped my shirt around my head and that took care of it.

On the whole, this truly was a fun, relaxing, memorable experience, partaken in the hands of an experienced operator.
I highly recommend this, and if you do go, make sure you take plenty of time (as Rob says) to ‘stop and smell the roses’.



Hi Rob
Thankyou for a fantastic weekend!  We certainly had some very tired paddlers yesterday!! But they all had a fantastic time!  Your product and knowledge is what makes this a great time!  Back to fundraising so we can do it all again!!  Might be two years time but we are certainly coming back!!
I got a chance to speak to a few parents yesterday and they say the kids are still talking about what a great time they had and how much fun it was to just paddle on the river.  Distance was a challenge for some but they wouldn’t change a thing!!
Nothing but glowing reports from the leaders as well!! 
Job well done!!
See you again soon!


Thanks again for a great weekend.

Charlie and I really enjoyed it. The only improvement I would like next time is to catch a yellow belly instead of a carp.
You're a good operator Rob
Brendan & Charlie Carey


“I joined Rob on Adventours 100th Flight to Lake Eyre. I had always wanted to fly over Eyre and to travel with Rob was a fantastic way of doing it. He was an outstanding leader and host and with the added bonus of a night at the iconic Birdsville Hotel with the surprising birdlife nearby, flying through Wilpena Pound, stopping at Innaminka and the Dig Tree and other secret highlights, it was very special. Don’t miss out. It is a once in a lifetime chance. Gareth Andrews


Hi Rob (Joan & Brian)

thank you for your efforts in helping me get across the line for the trip. It was a bit more than I expected, effort wise. However once I got into my rhythm all was fine. I loved it. I will do it again sooner than later. I’d go tomorrow if it was not for that dirty four letter word…Work.

I do appreciate your extra efforts with ice and water and finding more  suitable campsites. Which reminds me I owe you for a couple of bags of ice…You can get me next time. It almost seems like a dream…thank you for making it a reality.

Good health regards to Brian.

Best wishes .

Gary Yodgee



Hi Rob,

thank you very much for the wonderful day we had on the Goulburn River. When organizing activities for/with children we hope that they would run smoothly. Kayaking/canoeing with you couldn't have been better! Your passion is infectious and your  knowledge is outstanding. We hope to be able to do a longer tour with you in the future. Thank you very much! Tanja, Erik, Berta, Elisa, Maja


Thank you so much for today`s paddling.  

Indeed, both of us had a wonderful time in the Goulburn River. Here are our sincere appreciations with some photos.



It was great to have your friendly, professional and prompt support.  I really appreciated your effort in checking out the put in and pull out points ahead of the trip.  It was a lovely bonus to have some firewood cut for us too!


Morning Rob - I was going to email you today to let you know they absolutely loved the tour - learnt heaps about the area and they especially loved the way you were really passionate but you didn't "overload" them with stuff - they said it was the perfect mix. Sorry we didn't catch with you on your return but we were out hand mowing in the park while it was quiet.

We haven't got any more groups... booked in as yet but hopefully we'll see another one or two this year and we'll definitely push your tour again.

You should think about running a tour like this during TGS Tourism Month - I'll bet there's heaps of Shepp people [including me] who would learn a heap about our local area and that's the whole idea behind Tourism Month - teaching local people what's in our own backyard.

Hope we can do business again soon, we love working with you.

Cheers, Kym & Kaye



Hi Rob and Joan

What a wonderful achievement 21 years  - you should be both very proud of yourselves for your vision to run a very different tourists business – but you did it – fantastic. And that does not  just happen it means bloody hard work and giving of many family sacrifices but giving of your heart , mind and capacity in what you do.

You have my admiration

Kindest regards
Barry and Bev


Good Morning Rob
A big thank you from all for us at the Murchison Junior Fire Brigade!  We had a ball – as per usual! – All are still talking about the great time that they had and How much fun it was! None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the great service that you guys offer!  And as they say good business gets good word of mouth! So we have been busy telling anyone who will listen!! Don’t be surprised if you get a call from a Melbourne based junior footy club as Tom works with one of them and he is keen as!!




We spent 3 days camping in the Lower Goulburn National Park near Kanyapella and 2 days kayaking along 40 km of the river. The camp site was prepared by Rob and he ferried the kayaks to the starting point upstream of the camp. At the end of the 2nd days kayaking we were picked up and transported back to our camp site. The kayaking along the river was amazing, very peaceful and we came across many birds along the river including kingfishers, sea eagles, whistling kites, cockatoos, herons and more. There was good water level flowing the entire length of our trip and we were never held up by any obstacles. River Country Adventours were extremely helpful, Rob's knowledge of the river is extensive and the service he provided was 1st class.

Trip Advisor January



"Im over in Oz from the Uk at the moment to see my brother in melbourne. My brother had suggested I go to the tourism place and pick some leaflets, for ideas of what I wanted to do. Kayaking down the river seeing the widelife and soaking up the aussie life sounded perfect to me. From start to finish .... the level of professionalism, organisation and knowledge Rob provided us with was fantastic !! It lasted around 2 hours (10k), loads of picturesque scenery and wildlife, transportation back to the starting point from Rob .... and loads of history! Cant recommend this place enough !!!! Fantastic day !! Ps. If anyone sees my camera floating around will you pass it back to Rob ;)

Lucy and Wes



Would like to reciprocate your ‘Thanks’ message and to add these two photos which help capture your well chosen words. We very much enjoyed ourselves, for which, apart from the great conditions and river, you and Brian were certainly responsible. We hope all rivers flow well for you both next year and will certainly keep in touch.
Kind regards
Nicholas & Anita


Hi Rob,

We had a terrific time. We paddled faster than we anticipated. We had a morning tea break, then we were looking for somewhere to stop for lunch and we saw the bridge, so we paddled back and found a landing spot for lunch.

Next time we will try a longer course.

Thanks a lot,
Jeni and Jim


Hi Rob

Everyone LOVED the weekend. So fantastic. And gosh they all loved you and Brian. Loved the video too thanks. Beautiful!

Now looking at next year- HA! Tell me how many could we have at the other camp site (is it Waites Bend?). I was thinking doing the downstream paddle that we did on Sunday on day one and then driving upstream and padding back to the camp on Sunday so those that go home don't miss that beautiful paddle. Unless you have other thoughts.

Anyway, plenty of time to think about it.
Thanks again for everything,


Thankyou Rob.

We couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide. You should be proud of your company and the way in which you deliver things.

The day was a lot of fun and much more than we expected!

We will definitely be recommending your services to all our friends.




Since 1st canoeing and camping on one of your tours from Seymour to Nagambie, it's been the initiator for Elize and I to canoe and kayak in many parts of Australia and the world.

After the Goulburn trip, we did 3 days in a canoe down the Glenelg River, followed by kayaking at Cape Tribulation, the Li River in China, Venice, Katherine Gorge, Loch Luna on the Murray, and in our back yard on Port Philip Bay and the Yarra River.

We want to get back and canoe/kayak the lower Goulburn with you, it's just finding the time.

Thank you for getting us started, we'll be back as soon as time allows.

Rich and Elize.


Hi Rob and Joan
Sincere congratulations on your 20 years of expertise and bringing joy to many people
Barry and Bev


Congratulations on 20 years! It has been many years since I did one of your canoeing adventures, but I like receiving your newsletters and I hope to one day come up again with my new young family.


Congratulations on the anniversary.
I moved to live in the UK a couple of years ago but your monthly newsletter takes me back to Victoria every time I read it.
Hope to be back one day. All the best for the next 20.


CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH. What a great achievement and I reckon you would have entertained a million people in that time,
especiaslly with your "Willaura" stories. Our Maree & Mark will never forget you and the fun they all had and as a result of that
weekend, they proposed, accepted, got married and now we have our first Grand-child and he is "Grand".
So well done to you both and celebrate with gusto.
Love to you both,
Dave & Helen.


Hey Rob.....
20 years....time flies...and you have done well....from a small beginning and you have just grown into so many areas.
Absolutely great...and it has always been a pleasure and very nice to be associated....just hope the next 20 years will be as easy.
Congratulations and well done.


Thank you for a wonderful trip. The canoeing was a highlight of the weekend and we will definitely be back with friends.

Fingers crossed that the rain stays away for your school group this week.

Cheers, Katie


Hi Rob,
Just a note to let you know that I really do enjoy reading your newsletter every month even though I'm here in Texas! It brings back vivid memories of our trip on the Golburn when we visited Australia!
You do a great job promoting Victoria. We learned so much from you about the area, the history, the people, the agriculture, the environment and future of victoria during our trip. You offered and provided so much more for us than a canoe and a paddle!
You should think about providing bicycle touring through your company. Bicycling, especially multi day touring and week end rides are very popular here in the states. Most riders bring their own bikes which they prefer to ride. Which means you could keep a minimum number of bikes in your stable or work out a deal with a local bike shop to rent bikes. In the states there are relaxed rides with only 30 to 45 miles a day, hard tours with 70 to 100 miles a day, tours for women only, inn to inn tours, tours with camping, tours where provider carries all the riders gear and provides catering for breakfast and dinner, tours where riders carry their own gear and food, tours of wineries, etc. you could even offer a multi-sport tour of biking and canoeing!



Hi Rob and Joan............. Congrats on a fantastic 20 years of excellence (not the pursuit, you have achieved that).

In respect of the 5 tangibles of your operation. 1 to 4. Excellent

5 ...Keep going, you are bringing to the tourist industry something unique and special and that no other operator has had the guts to do.
Brightest Blessings
Baz and Bev


Hi Rob,

Thank you for organising an amazing place for us to both camp at and kayak at. It was a lovely weekend and with the river at our doorstep, a great place to be in the warm weather we had. We enjoyed the privacy and quiet our own campsite allowed, and enjoyed the sounds of the birds through out the day and night.
I did get to see the stars, they were incredibly bright, so bright that there was no need for a torch as I wondered around, amazing!.

thanks again
Lisa and David


Hello Rob

Congratulations on your 20 years in July… well done.

My fondest memory of your fantastic customer service is the time we were on the river in 44 deg heat over the March long weekend and you came along to our last camp with an esky full of beer and soft drinks – best tour operator… I agree!!

I reckon, having had Broken Hill in my region when I worked for Medicare in Adelaide in the 1980s, that the time would be 11.30am, same as Adelaide.

But the main reason for this email is to ask you for a copy of “Pass the Pill”… the pill being a slang word for the footy, and I guess the story is going to have other connotations…

Cheers, I enjoy your newsletter immensely every month, always an amusing story or an interesting yarn.

Pass the Pill



We had a great day. Thanks very much. We have now completed our list of birds we saw on the river. Looking forward to doing it again sometime:

We had a very enjoyable experience. Staff were very helpful, instructions accurate and clear, we were met at the appointed place at the appointed time. Everything went like clockwork. We spent a very enjoyable 4 hours meandering down 16km of lovely serene and peaceful river and forest. It was a great (and quiet) way to go bird watching of which there were many - here's a list of of birds we saw:
Sulphur crested cockatoo
White faced heron
Australian white ibis
White winged chough
Nankeen night heron
Great Cormorant
Pied Cormorant
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Great Egret
Wood Ducks
Sacred kingfisher
Laughing kookaburra


Steve and I had a fabulous time on Sunday… will definitely try to do it again in the near future


Just wanted to say that we absolutely loved our canoeing trip today - yes, we got rained on but it only added to the enjoyment! Lunch was delicious & we definitely felt well looked after by Brian :) seriously considering a camping trip next time.


I would just like to say that myself and Ben (my partner) had a brilliant time canoeing the Goulburn River. The weather was perfect had a very red nose after it though. It was a bit scary for me at the start but once we got to the end I wanted to do it again. We also had a wonderful lunch, thank you for that very healthy also. Ben loved the Oranges! We did get to see a turtle on the bank while we were having lunch, and saw a couple of wild goats running around through the trees. After this experience I will differently go canoeing again. And we cant forget Brian for his help, he was great!


Hey Rob,

Just wanted to check in on how you're doing with all the floods in the area. Hope you and your wife are safe, and all of your canoers too.

To add some sunshine to this dreary weather, I thought you'd like to know that Dawn (the American girl from our canoe trip) and I got married in June last year, are both living in Canberra and doing great. We wouldn't have been together if it wasn't for that first holiday we took canoeing where we had to get rescued by the SES. In other words, we wouldn't be together if it wasn't for you.

Josh has also asked that I pass on our gratitude from all of us (Casey and Aaron included) for the barbeque at your house after the trip. It really was amazing!

All the best and hoping you're safe,



Hey Rob.

Thank you on behalf of the kids from Seymour tech collage.

We had a fantastic time and the kids didn't stop talking about it on the way home!!

I highly recommend the services that Rob and his team offered!!

Kate the Kayaking instructor was world class and made everyone feel at home on the water.

We will be back.



Hi Rob..

Again it was a pleasure to meet you and to enjoy one of your "adventures". Both Julia and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will recommend it to those that ask. I have submitted some feedback via Red balloon and hopefully they will publish this soon. Rob, your hospitality was faultless and set us off on a wonderful day looking out for all the wildlife and wonderful scenery to enjoy...I hope we will be back again sometime and can enjoy catching up again and experiencing another adventure.

All the best



Thanks for all your help with our Easter trip from Wyuna to Echuca.

Glad to say that we survived - it is not an easy exercise but a fantastic thing to do as a family.

I said I would forward some photos. Attached are the ones from the original trip in 2004. I will forward ones from the recent trip in the next few days.



Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for the great weekend of kayaking.  We had a blast and thank you for arranging everything for us.

It was a great day.  We stopped about 12 p.m for lunch.  The salad rolls were fabulous, best salad rolls I've eaten in such a long time and the grapes-  YUMMO!

We finished up about 2.30 pm.
It was a fabulous thanks again for everything.

Kind regards
Tania & Chris.


Hello Rob,  

Just to thank you very warmly for your wonderfully hospitality, information and enthusiasm for our canoe trip.  I have already told some friends about our paddle,  it really was such a memorable day.
I have no doubt Deb and I will want to do this again.  Good luck with all of your trips,  you made the experience so very enjoyable and you deserve much success with your company.
Kind regards    
Elizabeth Hunter


Thanks to you too Rob for your friendly, professional service. Really enjoyed meeting you and thanks for sharing your special part of the world with us.

Had a wonderful time on the river and was so happy to see a Wedgie gliding just above the tree tops!! :)) Very special.
Will be back for more thats for sure!

Have a great week,

deb :)


Hi Rob,

Thanks again for the weekend. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time on the river. It's a beautiful part of the country that I'm glad we took the time to explore. Till next year.  

All the best,



Hi Rob,
Thanks again for looking after James and I over the weekend. We had a fantastic time and James even caught 2 fish (one attached with photographic evidence, the other no evidence but he swears it was 4 times the size!) with the worms and bread in the other camping location which he was thrilled with.
Thought I would attach a couple of shots for you.

kayaking on the Goulburn  
Night Sky on the River Bank
Canoes Resting on the bank
Canoes on the River Bank  

Anna Molan


Hi Rob

Just a quick email to thank you again for looking after us on our bucks party weekend last month. We couldn't have asked for a better organised trip and we all had a great time - even though we gave kayaking a miss on Day 2!

I'll definitely be back once my kids are old enough!!

Thanks again



Hi Rob,

Pam and I will be a fading memory by now - we canoed the Goulburn with your canoes some 10 (or more) years ago now, but still enjoy your newsletters.

We now reside in the U.S. and paddle whenever we can. I just wanted to let you know we did a very interesting night paddle in Puerto Rico over the U.S. Thanksgiving long weekend holiday. We joined a tour group, and using double sea kayaks, crossed a bay, paddled up an inlet through the mangroves, and into a salt water lake which is one of the 5 in the world that contain bio-luminescent plankton. Every time you disturbed the water, these micro-organisms would glow an eirie green. It was a unique experience.



Date: 15/11/09


...We had a really wonderful time and really appreciated your friendly service.

The Goulburn river was amazing and everyone commented on how nice it was to paddle on a beautiful river without motorised vehicles to contend with and the bird life was lovely too.

You really went the extra mile to make sure everyone was well looked after and the pub runs you undertook for us were also appreciated by all. One of the highlights of the trip had to be sitting in the sun on a submerged log in the river after a day of paddling along the beautiful river having  a nice cold beer.

Thank you also for getting my sleeping mat back to me.

I am sure that my friends will be keen for another canoeing/camping adventure and I think some interest was shown in the winery one. If you could email me some details on the options around this we will keep it in mind for our next group holiday.

Much thanks

Date: 13/11/09

Hi Rob,

Just a quick note to thank you for not only organising an amazing day's canoeing, but also arranging our accommodation which was fantastic. The whole family absolutely loved the experience and have already asked to come back and do it all again.

Thank you again for setting all this up for us and making our holiday much less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

Wishing all the best
Kind regards
Nick, Nikki and family

Date: 26/10/09

Hi Rob and Joan,
Just wanted to let you know how much we both enjoyed the weekend away.
Really enjoyed the tip for the seat over the Simpson Desert and took loads of photos which I eventually will get around to looking at, hopefully after this week is up.
I will be back in contact with some more feed back, hopefully next week.
Ralph looked after us all so well and we all enjoyed his professionalism and humour and benefited from his local knowledge and love of the places we visited.
Many thanks for the number for the Quest. It was a great location and we had everything we needed.
Best regards,

Date: 4/10/09

Hi Rob,
My partner Glenn and I would like again to thank you. We havent stop telling everyone about how we managed to canoe 12km and it's an experince that we will remember for a very long time. We both can't wait to go canoeing again.
Thank you again.

Date: 23/08/09

Hi Rob,

Just thought I would let you know that my husband and I had a lovely time canoeing on Saturday. The weather was pretty good, but I do think we got out just in time, those clouds sure did some in fast.
No platypuses unfortunately but the peace and quiet was great.

Hadyn was also very nice.

Thanks again and we are definitely thinking about doing it again with a few friends.

Kind Regards,
Renee Scott

Date: 21/03/09

The 1st Beechworth Scout Group recently had a terrific time on a Canoeing weekend on the Goulburn River between Shepparton and Echuca on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of March this year.

It was a warm weekend [read more about the Scout Group's adventure on the Goulburn River...]

Date: 3/02/09


On behalf of Arun and myself we want to thank you and your wife for a wonderful experience on Monday!
We had the best fun ever and loved the peace of being alone on the river!
The lunch was spectacular - thank you indeed!
All the best with your story writing....cannot wait to one day read the story about your english friend.

Warm wishes, Jess and Arun

Date: 10/10/08

I just wanted to write and say thanks for the most excellent service for Sarah and me this last weekend. You and Hayden were just fantastic in settling us in, and looking after us. We were so impressed that there were extra touches like taking our car down to the finish spot, which was beyond our expectations. And what a beautiful place. Kayaking under a flight of 100's of cockatoos in the morning light on Sunday was the highlight.

Thanks so much - we will be back to the Goulburn when we can.

Thanks again 

Richard and Sarah

March 6, 2008


...Although I'm sure you're already aware, everyone had an absolutely fantastic time and was very appreciative of effort that you put into the deluxe service that you gave us.  I think those cold beers that you brought us on NYE were the best beers that I've ever drunk.  

 ...I wouldn't be surprised if everyone wanted to come back and do the Goulburn it again.   


February 15, 2008

Dear Rob & Joan

Thank you so much for sending Lily and Rowans stuff back.We had a fantastic time at our Linn Lin camp and spent our days canoeing, swimming and fishing. In camp we played footy,darts and cards and at bedtime read a book. At present Im putting the photos of our trip into albums for Rowan and Lily.Thanks again for such a great time that we will treasure for ever and for the amazing tasty lunches!. All the very best.  


October 21 , 2007

Thanks Rob for a great canoe trip on Saturday - Dougal and I had a wonderful, peaceful fabulous day! And thanks once again for your patience with our lateness, and your warm easy going nature - without having to worry about keeping time, or anything else, it made for a great day.

Thanks again!

Trish and Dougal

August 26, 2007

Hi Rob

Just wanted to say thanks again for the canoe safari on Saturday, we loved it. Normally our weekends fly by because they are so busy with housework, socializing and other events.  However we were commenting to each other on Saturday that putting just 4 hours away for such a lovely, relaxing activity made the day feel so much longer (and of course much more enjoyable).  It was a wonderful way to 'get away from it all'.

Thanks again and good luck with your business!


Fi & Tony

Janurary 28, 2007

... Both Kylie and I had a fantastic time on Saturday. We didn't see any Platypuses but did see a large fox about halfway down. We also saw a small riversnake.
Thank you for all your enthusiam on what was a very smooth running and thoroughly enjoyable day. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friend/colleagues who are thinking of doing something similar.
Kind regards

March 27, 2006

Dear Rob and Joan

Just a quick email to say again how much we enjoyed our canoe trip down the Goulburn last saturday. I have passed on your website details to many of our friends already.

Cheers Wendy

March 13, 2006

Dear Rob,

We loved our river trip, thank you for your excellent care and attention, the lunches were just right as well as everything else. I am sure you will have some new people from our recommendations.

With warm regards Penny & Murray.

18 June 2005

Hi Rob and Joan,

Thank you both so much for a fun weekend. We had such a great time and we can't wait to go back again. As promised I have attached a few photos of the dogs. One with Mark and Kim with their puppies Meri (in the back) and Sam (in the front). One of one of our dog, Shaela, having a sitting snooze as we paddle along and one photo on solid ground with the four dogs together. From left: Meri, Sam, Teisha and Shaela. They had such a good time. It didn't take long before they didn't need to be asked to get into the canoe, they just jumped right in and away we went. Next time we go we will definitely take the dogs.

Thanks again and we will see you soon,
Adrian and Nicole

Image: Canoeing canines
Image: Shaela having a nap
Image: Dogs on dry land

18 April 2005

Hi Rob,

We had a fantastic time paddling (cruising) the Goulburn river for the 2 days. We didn’t get lost and the paddling on the first day was extremely pleasant. The current flow slowed on the second day which made for a little more paddling but we still only paddled for about 4 hours on the second day. I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the future for some longer tours.

Thanks again, Rob & Nic.

14 April 2005

Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for your email – and we are all certain to see you again in the near future. We all thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend we had and only wished we could have stayed longer and had a drink with you and your wife. The carpet has become legendary and an urban myth amongst us all. I have had the photos here at work for some time and I keep reminding myself to email them to you. There are some great ones i’m sure will be great for your website. I will send them tomorrow...i promise.

Thanks again. Yuki

15 March 2005

Dear Rob & Joan,

Thanks for the letter, and the adventure.

I pulled up surprisingly well! I don't recommend the trip from Echuca to Sydney by Coach & Train, though. When I emailed you, I had left the Echuca part of my trip all too late. I knew I wanted to see the Red Gums, and the river, but not really how. When you came back with kayaking, it was a bit of a shock. But "what the hell!" - you can't turn it down.

A lesson from last Wednesday: When you go round a bend in the river, solo in a kayak, don't paddle for a while. Scan the banks, particularly the snags up against the bank. You may spot something of interest. Unfortunately, I only saw the splashes. It was a wonderful day: a day full of wonders. The trees, the river (and those snags), the birds. Trying to figure out the currents and the ripples. Working the angles, trying to be efficient, and failing. Getting out of the #@$%ing kayak at the end.

I probably won't be back. But I will be enthusing about the experience at every opportunity for a long time to come.


3 March 2005

Dear Rob,

Thanks for all you did at the weekend to make our rowing adventure so happy. You were so hospitable and provided all the equipment we needed. Special thanks to Joan for the luxury picnic lunches which were greatly enjoyed on the grassy banks of the lovely Goulburn! Of course the girls will never forget their fishing and the one that got away - you are welcome to tell their story. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, thanks to all your good advice and help.

Best wishes, Lyn

January 2005

Hi Rob,

I am just emailing to say thanks again for organising the three day canoeing trip for Craig, Nicole, Ingrid and I over the Christmas holidays. We all had a great time and it was a really nice break from everything, healthy and relaxing. It was a great way to see some of that part of Victoria. The scenery along the Goulburn River was beautiful, really classic Australian bush with the cockatoos screaming overhead.
Thanks also for the newsletter and we will all be back canoeing when we get the chance......

Cheers, Andrea

24 April 2004

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your letter - the exceptional service goes on!
We had just the best time on the river and it was your efforts and planning that made it such a wonderful experience.
We will definitely be booking another kayaking holiday - when the weather improves.
I couldn't recommend the trip enough - my family and friends have had the full run down and hopefully there will be more than 2 of us for our next excursion (although it was fabulous to have that seclusion and peace to ourselves)
Please thank Joan for our wonderful lunches, especially our Easter treats, they were a welcome indulgence for us after a morning on the river. > > > > > >
Thanks again, please keep us posted on any new trips etc.

Yours - two very happy campers, Ruth & Dani

16 March 2004

Dear Rob,

Thanks again for the great weekend - we both really enjoyed it and wish that we were still up there. Your assistance, hospitality and deep knowledge of the History and Biology of the area added greatly to the experience. Also thanks to Joan for the great lunches.

Would love to do the Lake Eyre trip but reality means that we can't afford it- until Bronwyn leaves school - next time hopefully - unless we win Tatts tonight! Certainly interested in a canoe if one comes up before Christmas - and I'll lobby to get the sisters to do a trip - maybe the kids as well

Thanks again, Trish

10 March 2004

Hello Rob,

We had such a wonderful time, and haven't stopped talking about it since we got home! We have told everyone about what a great spot it was, and about the excellent host!!

We are trying to organise a group for a few months time, I will keep you informed. Probably just after Easter some time. I am getting some photos developed today, if there are any good ones, I will send you a copy! I will also pop a UK brochure in the mail if you want? What is the address I should send it to?

Thanks once again for an unforgettable weekend. It was the first, but certainly won't be the last!

Alicia and Dave

1 March 2004

Rob hi,

Just a short note to thank you very much. Laura and I had a fantastic time, your attention to everything was much appreciated. Your bit of aussie up that way is beautifull. We are still talking about our little break away.

Laura wanted to pass on to you she loved all of her few days (your talks very intresting and the lunches yummy).

Thanks once again Rob, you will see us again.

All the best mate, kind regards, Peter and Laura

27 January 2004

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your follow up letter last week regarding our 2 day adventure down the Goulburn. We very much enjoyed our weekend and viewed our 'mishap' as a learning experience more than anything else. We were very grateful for your efforts to assist us after the event and at no time felt endangered by the situation.

I am always personally impressed when a company offers a high level of customer service and I have to say that throughout the week preceeding and during the weekend you certainly surpassed any of my own expectations. I guess our testiment to that is the fact that we would now like to book another trip with you.

Thanks again, regards, Kim and Tony

15 January 2004

Dear Rob and Joan,

Many thanks for the wonderful holiday you hosted for us last week. We are all rejuvenated by the experience. The camp-site was excellent, and your attention to detail in all respects was terrific. The canoeing and kayaking was great, and we were deeply impressed by the beauty of the river. Thanks also for giving us the benefit of your fishing experience. Even though we didn't catch anything, we learned heaps, and will carry the new skills forward.

Lots of happy memories! Hope we can visit you again in the future.

Warm regards, Margaret, Alain, Thor, Athol and Oscar

8 December 2003

Hello Rob,

I made in back to the states okay but driving another 2000 km 2 days after arriving and getting used to the foot of snow we just got has made the transition interesting.

Thanks again for the quiet weekend. After 4 days of meetings in Melbourne, I relished the utter solitude on Lin-Lin. I have attached the digital picture I took as we departed the camp.

I will make sure to bring my wife there the next time we are down under.

Steve Jackson

2 December 2003

Dear Rob,

on behalf of WOW (Women on Water) I would like to thank you for making our weekend both fun and memorable. The camping spot and equipment was fantastic, as was your commentary on land marks and flora and fauna.

Special thanks to Joan for her catering which was enjoyed by all, and as a vegetarian I much appreciated the extra effort.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, and look forward to further adventures with you next year.

Cheers Judy

29 April 2003

Good afternoon Rob,

Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic organisation over the Easter weekend. We had a great time and already have a growing list of people who want to join us next year. Also, thanks for sending the map.

Regards, Pauline

28 January 2003

Hi Rob,

Just writing a short note to thank you for a fantastic time that Alex and I had the weekend previously. In particular we would like to thank you for the care you showed in making sure we had everything we needed, including copious amounts of cold water to deal with the hot weather. The Yamboona safari we did was very enjoyable and I would recommend it and yourselves to anybody who wants to have a fun and relaxing time. I will be sure to tell all my friends!

Take care and thanks! Winston Lung

27 June 2002

Hi Rob,

We returned home just 2 days ago. Great holiday! Indeed, it was a great experience for all of us and we had a great time canoeing & fishing at Goulburn River. We greatly appreciate the roaring campfire that was kept throughout the night to keep everyone warm and cosy.

Hopefully, another trip will be organised with more friends in spring or autumn,next year.

Thanks for a memorable weekend & to Joan for her friendliness and good food.

All the best, Jenny Yeo

30 April 2002

Hi Rob,

Yes we all had a great time and as you say it was quite challenging. We are all keen on another trip after the winter so hopefully will see you in the spring. Thanks to you both for making it all so easy!

Jill Finch

27 April 2002

From the brave family who saved Barlow the Eagle:

Dear Rob,

- just reliving our memories from almost exactly a year ago to the day! Thank you for keeping us so well informed about the eagles recovery and life in the wild - glad to hear that it is still flying around the Murray river area and that sightings are being made. We don't regard ourselves as heroes or brave in any way but hey, perhaps that's cos we're British. Hope the business is going well and you are still sending people down river in canoes.

All the best
- the Barlows

1 April 2002

Dear Rob,

we made it back to Geelong safely after having a great holiday canoeing on the Goulbourn. I will certainly recommend your adventure to our friends.

Thanks again,
John, Leonie, Dom and Max

February 2002

Dear Rob & Joan,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your hospitality and efforts last weekend. Your preparation really did cover everything, just as Charmaine said! I must admit I was a little apprehensive when she said all we needed to bring was clothes, food but I needn't have worried. I was filling out a quiz sent to me by a friend before, and it asked me what my favorite holiday was. And looking back, I can honestly say that the Goulburn on Australia Day weekend was my best holiday in the last year. Thank you also for letting us use your shower and the nectarines and especially for sending down my camera, it has arrived safely. All I can say is thanks you so much and once again say we will be back, with more friends and more good times!

Kind Regards
Scot Holbrow

19 December 2001

G'day Rob,

On behalf of Rose & myself, I'd like to extend our gracious thanks for the hospitality you showed us last weekend. We had a wonderful time, and thoroughly enjoyed the natural environment of the Goulburn River. The bird life, in particular, was amazing. Seeing the wedge-tailed eagle, the kites and the egrets were great highlights. It was also good to finally meet you after so many emails & phone calls! The trip and campsite were extremely well-organised, and well-resourced. I look forward to my next "River Country Adventour" - hopefully I might even make it all the way to Lake Eyre with you next year. All the best for Christmas & the New Year to you, Joan & your loved ones.

best wishes,
Justin Mansfield


Hi Rob and Joan

Thanks so much for a very memorable weekend. We all really enjoyed ourselves and will be recommending the trip to all our friends. We are not aching too much but even if we were, it would be all worth it, to stay in such a beautiful place and see the wildlife and river, untouched and unspoilt! Thanks again for your warm hospitality and kindness!

Take care

Caoimhe O'Grady


Hi Rob,

Thanks so much for the lovely weekend, I couldn't have asked for a better time. The group were fantastic, the weather was glorious and kayaking down the river was so tranquil and serene. The campsite was great (I hope we left everything okay). It was exactly what I needed to relax and wind down. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated thanks to your Goulburn River tours. Mind you I'm sure it won't be too long before I need another. I'll be sure to tell all my friends how great it was and hope that next year I'll be able to come up again with some of my mates from Brisbane. Thanks again to yourself and Joan for running such great trips.


Tracy Shaw


Dear Rob,

A big thanks to you and Joan for a fantastic weekend! We all had a ball.

Most of pulled up a bit sore Sunday morning but a few hours swimming on that lovely sandy beach on the river fixed that! You have a great camping spot on the river and we enjoyed the surrounds! We will all be recommending your safaris to all our friends! Unfortunately, I am unable to help you with your report you had to prepare about handling complaints because we truly have none.

Thanks again for a terrific weekend, and we will definitely be back!!!!


Nicole and the happy campers.


Dear Joan and Rob,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful weekend canoeing on the Goulburn.

Your hospitality was outstanding and we appreciated the special care you took to make our weekend special. Meeting us at your home, directing us to the campsite, supplying us with all our camping supplies, telling us tales of local lore and history. What can I say. You were wonderful hosts.

I wish you every success in your business and will highly recommend you to overseas travellers and friends. I am sure we will see you again,

Kate Casey (and all the camping group!)


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