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Travelling Victoria Newsletter:

Travelling Victoria is River County Adventour's extremely popular monthly newsletter. It is sent out via email, and contains lots of great local natural, historical and cultural snippets, and keeps subscribers up to date with latest offers and tours available. Travelling Victoria also gives readers an opportunity to win a free camping and canoeing weekend on the river with every edition. Subscribe to receive travelling Victoria, by clicking on the email link: (please provide your name and email address in the email).

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What people are saying about the Travelling Victoria newsletter:

Hi Rob and Joan
6 Jan 2010

Please keep the news letters coming. I love reading them as without exception they show a wonderful mind function to a delightfully entertaining level. So to the author of these wonderful newsletters Good on you mate!! Well done. I always look forward to reading them and without exception I have enjoyed the various tit bits they have contained.

Happy new year and if the rains keep coming we will no doubt see you before too long for another few delightful days of canoeing and camping. I won't mention the heat stroke, flies or sore muscles as they are very quickly forgotten but the joy of travelling along the river accompanied by the odd snake or pelican whilst listening to the sounds of the Australian bush remain embedded in my memory for all time.

Cheers Marianne

Hi Rob and Joan
14 July 2006
Great newsletter - one of your best. Packed with info and interesting unique articles.You must be the most innovative and caring tourist proprietor in the business.
Thanks for mentioning the Thurgoona Bakery - they were rapt. We posted your newsletter on their billboard where they have heaps of people coming in for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea etc. I will do this each bulletin in the future. No kidding their pies are fabulous.
So thanks. Been freezing here about 25 frost mornings one at minus 4 degrees.
Kind regards Bazza
Hi Rob and Joan,
9 April 2006
Well done - volume 80 - and every one interesting and packed with value trips, history, facts, animal life, competitions and a lovely way of speaking to people as if you were in the same room.
There is something magic the way you run your business!
Yep - without doubt best Country Pie Shop" in Australia is the local "Thurgoona Bakery" Shuter Ave-Thurgoona NSW - fabulous delectable yummy pies full of juicy meat - heaps of varieties and the pastry to die for. Their pasties unbelievable - meat pasties as well as vegy.
Rob - Makes you hungry writing anbout it - what a genuis competition - you are unreal.
Catch Ya one day mate
Kind regards Barry
Regards to you both from Bev
Hi Rob,
9 April 2006
I just wanted to thank you for having me on your database. It is great to keep updated with what your business is doing and especially love the idea of the membership. You and your business are a fine example of continuous development and great customer service. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading your next newsletter! Kind regards
Simone Fenech - Accreditation Officer
Better Business Tourism Accreditation Program
Dear Rob and Joan,
9 January 2006
Wishing you both a very prosperous 2006. It is always good to receive your news letters. I don't know how you manage to find so many items of interest to include in your news letters, but the fact that you do makes it all the more enjoyable reading for us. Please keep up the good work, as I for one appreciate the information. Hope you are well, and we look forward to our next river adventure.
Warm regards, Marianne
Hi Rob,
12 October 2005
Your wonderful bulletins keep getting better than ever - how do you do it? - The style of your writing - the lovely stories always having a warmth and a message about them - the challenges of travel which have become so much part of your bulletin. Rob - don't stop - even dare more - you are a unique person and I hope your pursuit of excellence in your trade is admired and recognised by the leaders in your industry and by your peers.
One day we will meet up again, until then, kindest regards,
Barry and Bev

Barlow the Eagle

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