Travelling Victoria
Vol: 128   june 2010

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Welcome once again to another edition of our monthly newsletter, hope you enjoy and have a crack at the competition which usually attracts plenty of interest.  The latest winner is Sonia Chalmers from Wandong.  Lake Eyre is situated in the arid North West region of South Australia, however this year in particular the huge lake is filling with flood waters coming down from Northern Australia following massive rainfall over the past few months.  River Country Adventours are running flight tours to Birdsville and Lake Eyre and if you want more information go to our website  or contact us direct on 03. 5852 2736 or M 0428 585 227.

Lake Eyre Update

Flight tours from Echuca are booked until the middle of July and if you thinking of taking the once in a lifetime experience, now would be a good time to book in.  The huge lake is still filling and there is plenty of flood waters coming down from Queensland and Cooper Creek is expected to flow into Lake Eyre this year as well.  The Flight to Eyre is a 2-day flight tour with overnight in the delightful outback township of Birdsville.  Accommodation in the motel is great.  In a few weeks we will have some photos of the "Flight to Eyre" on our website, Kim our web manager is presently having a well earned holiday, and the website will be completed on her return in June.

R.C.A Membership

For an annual subscription of $10.00 you will receive 10% discount off all canoeing activities, tours (except the special flight tours and canoe sales), apparel and other R.C.A merchandise.  In addition members can be referred to other accredited tour operators in the State and we can offer free advice on all travelling options within Victoria.  Members are very important and will feel part of a growing local tourism business.
For information contact River Country Adventours phone 5852 2736 or email

Whale tour- Ceduna

With the winter fast approaching the annual massing of Southern Right Whales will take place in many places along the south coast of Australia. The 'Head of Bight' some 400-km west from Ceduna is one of the best whale watching places in the world.  The sea is usually quite calm and is crystal clear.  There are viewing platforms built on the rugged coastline for excellent viewing.  The whales which could be numbered around 100 arrive from the Antarctic waters to calve at the Head of Bight.  These placid monsters can be over 20-metres in length and as the calves can't dive until weened the mothers stay on the top of the water also to feed and tend the calves.  Truly a marvellous event.  

River Country Adventours will be again arranging for 3-day tours from Shepparton to Ceduna during July and August, and for more information and bookings please contact Rob on 0428 585 227 or email


Here is your opportunity to win a $200.00 "Gift Voucher" from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn.  All you need to do is correctly answer the question via email and all correct entries will be acknowledged and placed in a hat for the draw later in June.  So have a go, you may be lucky today.

Q. How much is the annual subscription for membership of the R.C.A Club?

Canoes for Sale

River Country Adventours have a couple of new and used canoes for sale.  If you are on the lookout for a good canoe gives these a go, even the drive up to sunny Kyabram will be worth it.

Did you know?

Natural Gas has no smell to it.  The smell is an addition for safety reasons, and there are only 200 family names in China a country with a population over a billion.

Thought for the Day

The hardest thing in the world to understand is Income Tax.......Albert Einstein................... and "Exits are on the way out"  Old Jack Dec'd 2008.