Travelling Victoria
Vol: 151 may 2012

Welcome once again to another newsletter and we hope you enjoy the contents and maybe gain some knowledge into what we have been up to lately and what our future plans involve. Thanks also for all the positive feedback on our tours and service, this is greatly appreciated.

The winner from last month's competition is Barbara Saker from Seaford. A group of magpies is a 'TIDING', not the Collingwood Football Club. Barb has won a $200.00 gift voucher from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn. There is a another chance for you to win later in this newsletter.

Where Eagles Scare.

A couple of weeks ago I saw something that I have never seen before in all my time in the Australian bush. While waiting for a couple of canoes to round a bend on the Lower Goulburn River my attention was drawn to a mob of cockatoos flying around in a frenzy above a huge river gum on the bank next to the river. Then I noticed two Wedge Tailed Eagles perched in the tree, which was causing plenty of terror with all the cockie's. Then one of the eagles swooped down to the water and picked up something black from the river, the bird rose a couple of metres and then dropped it's catch. I moved closer to get a better view when the other eagle swooped down and grabbed the platypus from the river. Again the bird rose a couple of meters and the platypus again fell from the talons. Moving closer, the eagles spotted me and flew off much to the delight to all the terrified cockatoos. I am not sure if the platypus was still alive, and I wonder if anyone has a similar story. I had no idea that an eagle would go after a platypus.

Lake Eyre Update.

We have now completed a couple of flight tours to Birdsville and Lake Eyre. This year is truly marvellous, the deserts that surround Lake Eyre are lush with varying shades of green and Lake Eyre is still slowly filling. It may be that this is the most spectacular year ever, and if you have thoughts of wanting to see this once in a life time event in the outback, then contact us for more information and bookings. We have tours scheduled all the way through to September at this stage. Last week the water in Lake Eyre appeared to be pink in colour, this must have something to do with the salt in the water. Contact rob or phone M 0428 585 227

Whale Tours.

The first flight tour to Ceduna to see the annual massing of the Southern Right Whales at the Head of Bight is July 13-15, 2012. This is a fantastic 3-day tour which begins in Shepparton. During the tour you will see the Flinders Ranges and the Massive Grampians near Horsham. The highlight of course is the whales which have their young near the world class viewing platforms at the Head of Bight. Two nights accommodation in the Foreshore Motel at Ceduna. For more information and bookings for this trip contact Rob on M 0428 585 227.


Here is your opportunity to win a $200.00 gift voucher from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn National Park.
Q. What is a group of swallows called?


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What happened in 1993?

  • West Indies retain the Sir Frank Worrell trophy.
  • Australia holds on to the Ashes with a series win over England, Allan Border was captain.
  • Vintage Crop wins the Melbourne Cup.
  • Domestic Airline Compass goes broke putting over 7000 people out of work.
  • The unemployment rate jumps to 11.2% with a record 980,000 people out of work.
  • Essendon defeats Carlton in the AFL grand final.
  • Australian biscuit maker Arnott's becomes part of the American company, Campbell's Soups.
  • River Country Adventours was founded on July 2, 1993.......and still going.