Travelling Victoria
Vol: 133 november

It iA free monthly newsletter for all our clients and friends from River Country Adventours a leader in regional tourism in the State.

Welcome once again to another newsletter, and we hope you continue to enjoy and perhaps gain some motivation to plan that trip out into the country, for some camping, canoeing or a well organized tour.  Thanks also for all your kind comments especially our "Flight to Eyre" 2-day flight tour from Echuca to Birdsville and Lake Eyre.  Here is one feedback from Marie from Rushworth who recently went on one of the flights-

......."how do you start to tell people about the beauty and colour of Lake Eyre and the lands around.  It is like a patchwork rug, except there is no rhyme nor rhythm about the colours of the is like a huge jigsaw with a million pieces and a million different colours...........thrown into the air and landed............"                                                                      Thanks.                   Marie Oct 2010

The lucky winner from last month's competition is Lisa Oliver from Cobram, the correct answer is that Ararat is further east than Lake Bolac.  The lake after many years of being dry is now completely full and anglers and other forms of water sports are returning to the region.  There will be a further chance to win a $200.00 'gift voucher' from River Country Adventours a little later in this newsletter.

Post Cards of Victoria

The very popular Channel 9 tourism show on November 6 will feature Grant Hackett and others showing off the many attractions around Nagambie Lakes. River Country Adventours had the honour of being filmed with Grant canoeing on the Goulburn River.  I had no fears for Grant's safely if we capsized as he was a world champion Australian swimmer.  The day was good and we hope the region gets the recognition of being the water capital of Victoria only 90-minutes north from Melbourne.

A bit of feed back-Please

This newsletter has been going out to our valued clients and friends since June 2000.  The data base has now grown to over 3000 which we are extremely proud of.  We need to know the following-
  a.. Do you enjoy receiving "Travelling Victoria?
  b.. Would you prefer monthly or bi-monthly?
  c.. Do you enter the competition?
  d.. Has the newsletter been a motivating factor in visitation to regional Victoria and beyond?
  e.. Would you prefer not to receive these newsletters?


Here is your chance to win a $200.00 'Gift Voucher' from River Country Adventours simply by correctly answering the question.  All correct answers will be acknowledged and placed in an old cricket hat for the draw later in November.  Have a go, you may be lucky today.
Q. What time is 'Post Cards of Victoria' screened on a Saturday on Channel 9?

Did you Know...

That only 10% of the world's population live in the Southern Hemisphere.


Hate to remind everyone that Christmas time is coming around.  River Country Adventours has a good range of canoes and kayaks for sale from our Kyabram business.  Make enquiries now so you get the canoe or kayak which will last for the rest of time.  We also have "Gift Vouchers" for any amount, these are always popular for that hard to buy for person that you love.  

TK1 Racing kayak

In the last couple of issues of "Travelling Victoria" we have mentioned the almost brand new Racing Kayak TK1 that is for sale.  The owner is keen to sell and has reduced the price to $900.00 which includes the paddle and safety vest.  Tremendous value, so if you are into racing please let us know, you will glad you did.

If your circumstances have changed and now longer require these regular bulletins, just let us know.  Your details will never be passed on the another person.