Travelling Victoria
Vol: 145 november 2011

Thanks once again for opening our newsletter, hope you continue to enjoy. Thanks to all you who contacted us regarding our 12th anniversary. There are still a few people who have received every newsletter, which is great. Following over 50 ml of rain last month the northern rivers are flowing high again. The problem is mud when the water levels recede there is a quite a bit of mud to contend with canoeing. We hope to overcome this by providing a good length of carpet at the starting points and at Yambuna Bridge on the Lower Goulburn River. Nagambie is fine and so is Victoria Lake in the Heart of Shepparton. We launched our canoeing at this venue during the month and look forward to meeting locals and visitors alike in the City of Greater Shepparton.

The winner of last months competition is Danielle Peacock from Natte Yallock (Near Maryborough in Central Victoria). Well done Danielle she knew that a group of foxes is a 'skulk'. Thanks for all those who enter each month, keep trying there has to be a winner every month for the $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River. There is another chance to win later in this newsletter.

Last chance to see Lake Eyre.

We have just one more tour from Shepparton to Birdsville and Lake Eyre. This 2-day flight tour is over November 5-6, just after the Melbourne Cup. There is still plenty of water in the Lake Eyre basin and we have vacancy at the moment. Over 170 people have taken our "Flight to Eyre" tour so far this year. We thank everyone for their support and wonderful testimonials on all the trips. There are still a lot of people who would love to go outback and see this spectacular event, so this is your last chance this year to see Lake Eyre in flood. This tour will equal the record tours we conducted last year. Contact for further information and bookings.

Terrific Big Group.

Thanks to Ben Lillie and Y.P.O Australia for the foresight in booking 19-families with their children for a taste of camping and canoeing in the Australian bush at one of the Wyuna campsites. A total of 46 happy campers experienced the great outdoors and all the birds nesting and keeping everybody amused. This was the largest group we have had at one go and everything ran like clockwork. We had 24-tents and a huge marquee. The weather was perfect and some of the feed back on our operations is quite humbling. After this great achievement I wonder what further challengers lie ahead for River Country Adventours.


Here is your chance to win a $200.00 'gift voucher' from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn National Park. All you need to do is correctly answer the question, all correct answers go into an old cricket cap for the official draw later in November. Have a go, you may finally have some luck!
Q. What is a group of ferrets called?


New Canoe for Christmas.

River Country Adventours have new canoes and kayaks available for Christmas. A canoe or kayak will last you a very long time and therefore is a good investment. For further information and inspections, please contact us via email or phone 03. 5852 2736.

Hume & Hovell.

Hamilton Hume (1797-1873) was the first Australian born explorer. Together with a former sea-captain William Hilton Hovell (1786-1875) and 6-trusted convicts the party se off to find a way from Lake George to Port Phillip District 1824. They departed on October 17, 1824 and found all the rivers in flood, this caused heaps of delays and problems, particularly the Goulburn which they crossed and named near Seymour. They also named the Hume (now Murray), Ovens, Mt Buffalo and Mount Disappointment. The party finally arrived at Corio Bay, near Lara there is the Hume Bridge over the Hovell River. Four years later Hume accompanied Charles Sturt on the expedition that discovered the Darling River in Western N.S.W. These early explorers opened up development of the new nation and are most important parts of our colourful history.

Thought for the day.

The cost of fuel doesn't worry me......I only ever put $10.00 in!" Old Jack Deceased 2008. Old Jack's new year resolution that year was to say yes to everything...........he died in April.