Travelling Victoria
Vol: 195 APRIL/MAY edition 2016

Welcome to another edition of this regular newsletter and we hope you enjoy and get some motivation for your next venture into the country or perhaps all the way to Lake Eyre.  The huge lake is still holding quite a lot of water in the southern section, and still has water coming down the major rivers from the recent tropical monsoons.  We have witnessed five (5)  rafts of pelicans on the Eyre River just to the north of the huge lake and it appears they are breeding, which indicates that much more water is coming.  So if you have ever thought of flying up to see this spectacular rare event, contact River Country Adventours today for bookings.
The lucky winner from last edition’s competition is Susan Williams from Emerald.  The Avoca River flows through Charlton.  There will be another chance to win the $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing and camping on the Lower Goulburn River later in this newsletter.  The weather is cooling down somewhat and campfires are allowed in our camping sites along the river.  There is nothing much better, than to sit around a nice warm fire at night, reflecting on daily happenings.  I am sure we are all better people after a night or two in the bush.

Lake Eyre Update.

We have completed four (4) flight tours to witness the great lake so far with the next two flights pretty well booked out.  We have added a pleasure cruise with picnic lunch on the Cooper Creek at Innamincka.  On a recent cruise we witnessed a huge wedge tailed eagle feeding on the bank as we passed.  There is an abundance of birdlife along the Cooper which is flowing well.  The Cooper is the second longest water course in Australia, behind the Murray River.  Our next scheduled flights from Shepparton/Echuca are
  • May 12-13   1-seat  discounted price for Travelling Victoria readers.
  • May 23-24    Seats available
  • May 28-29      “             “
  • June 5-6         “              “
  • June 15-16     “              “
For more information and bookings please contact Rob on 0428 585 227.


Here is your chance to win that illusive $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River (near Echuca).  All you have to do is correctly answer the question, and all correct entries will be acknowledged and then tossed into an old hat for the official draw sometime later in the month.  So have a go, you never know it may be your lucky day.

Q.  What is the name of a group of Pelicans?

Winter Winey Tours.

Now is a good time to start thinking about winery tours.  Get your friends organised and we can arrange pick up and give you all a fantastic day going from winery to winery.  Most importantly, we will get you all home safely.  So don’t delay, contact us today and see how easy it is to have your own tour.   Contact River Country Adventours today, you will be glad you did.

Thought for the day.

While it could be said that the Burke & Wills ill-fated expedition in 1861 was a total failure, it cannot be said that Burke did not succeed in his objective-
“I have only one ambition, which is to do some deed before I die, that shall entitle me to have my name honourably inscribed on the page of history.  If I succeed in that I care not what death, or when I die”            
Robert O’Hara Burke.