Travelling Victoria
Vol: 142 august 2011

Welcome to this special edition of our newsletter and we hope you enjoy the contents and perhaps gain some motivation to venture out into the great outdoors of rural Victoria and beyond.  

The lucky winner of last months competition is John Martin from Shepparton.  The Dig Tree is situated in South/West Queensland and it must be the most famous tree in Australia as it has so much of the tragic history of Burke & Wills with it.  Last week we were able to land the plane on the sand track beside Cooper Creek and we had a good look around.  The creek is still flowing fast and is home to thousands of water birds.  Looking back across the desert I couldn't help but think about the desperate plight of the early explorers as they made their marks on our arid landscapes.  The landing at the "Dig Tree" is now in our itinerary of the "Flight to Eyre".  John has won a $200.00 'gift voucher' from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River.  

There is another chance to win later in this newsletter.

Lake Eyre Update

Lake Eyre is holding a massive amount of waters from the Queensland floods and some local rainfall over recent times.  The lake is now about 150-km in length which takes almost half an hour to fly over.  When we turn right to head over to William Creek, and if you look back all you see is water.  The lake also changes colour as we fly over, it recently varied from a pink to dark yellow and then later it appeared  blue.  I have never seen the lake so beautiful.  If you are thinking of having a look at this phenomena I suggest you book in soon to avoid disappointment.  We have 2-day flight tours from Shepparton/Echuca scheduled for:

  a.. August 10-11
  b.. August 15-16
  c.. August 26-27
  d.. Sept        8-10   3-day with 2nd night in Wilpena Pound.  2-seats available.
  e.. Sept       11-12

For more information and bookings please contact River Country Adventours phone 03. 5852 2736 or email

Ceduna and the Whales

The other flight tour we are completing at the moment is "The Whale" tour.  There are currently over 40-Southern Right Whales in at the Head of Bight tending their young.  This is a marvellous sight, the huge whales are so gentle and each whale like humans has their own distinctive facial expressions.  For more information contact us at River Country Adventours.

Expressions of Interest

We have had a request for a 5-6 day flight tour that would take in Lake Eyre, Wilpena and the Flinders Range, Ceduna and the whales.  The tour would cover a fair portion of South Australia.  There is no such as a bad idea, only if you don't do something about it.  Thanks Ken for the terrific idea, and let's see what eventuates.  Email-


Here is your opportunity to win something for a change.  All you need to do is correctly answer the question below, all correct replies will be acknowledged and your name placed in an old cricket hat for the draw later in August.  The prize is a $200.00 'gift voucher' from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River, up near Echuca.  Have a go, you never know your luck.

Q. How many two bobs made up a quid?

Laugh for the day

My old mate Gus recently took his pet fish into the local pub.  The bartender tells Gus that fish are not allowed in the bar.  Gus just said "He's teaching me how to drink!"  and a little later a bloke rides his horse into the same pub, and orders a bucket of beer for the horse.  The publican finds a bucket and fills it up and the horse begins to drink.  "Now sir, what can I get you to drink?" asked the publican.  "Oh, not for me....I'm driving!"

Good times ahead

The rivers and the bush is shaping up to be most welcoming and canoeing, camping, fishing and bush walking will be in demand.  We have camping along the Lower Goulburn River with canoeing. Canoes are also available at Seymour, Nagambie, Shepparton and on the beautiful Wakiti Creek near Echuca.  For more information and bookings contact us at River Country Adventours.