Travelling Victoria
Vol: 164 august 2013

Thanks once again for opening this newsletter and also for all the good wishes for our 20th year celebrations, which are still going on. We appreciate all the support and kind comments directed towards our business.

In the last edition apparently we made a couple of errors. According to my old mate Macca from over Shepparton way, the biggest flood on the Goulburn was in 1974, not 1993 as I had stated. All I know, there was a lot of water around during the flood of 1993. Also 1916 was a huge flood on the Goulburn, Macca probably remembers that as it would have washed out the cricket. Anyway, thanks Macca for your input, greatly appreciated. If you look back through recorded time there have been many huge floods along the northern rivers in Victoria, and no doubt they will continue for the rest of time. Therefore I question the desire for extra environmental flows along the rivers.

The lucky winner of last month’s competition is Helen Bedford from Hamilton. Helen knew that Hume & Howell the early explorers crossed and named the Goulburn near where Seymour is today. This happened in 1824, and from records, the river was in flood then. Hume & Howell lost heaps of gear during the crossing. We have been canoeing in that region many times and the fast flow would have made crossing very difficult, and perhaps it is a wonder a lot more damage did not occur. Major Mitchell also crossed the Goulburn near Nagambie but it was in 1836, 12-years after Hume & Hovell. Burke & Wills did not go any where near the Goulburn in 1860 when they headed off on the ill-fated expedition to the unknown outback. We thank everyone who entered this competition, and there will be another chance to win later in this newsletter.

Early Spring.

The wattles are out and the birds are busy nesting in the bush. The river is flowing nicely and all looks good for another great season for our canoeing, fishing and camping adventures. We were pleased to report that 4-pair of wedge tail eagles mated last year which produced four young birds. We believe that the eagles will mate when the conditions are right, and I will be keeping an eye on their nests to see if they have eggs this year. Eagles usually have the same mate for life and use the same nest year after year. With the new trees coming up in the forest following last years flood, we expect many more forest birds around in the future. This is an extra bonus for all our canoeists and bush walkers along the Lower Goulburn. We are expecting another good year looking after all the visitors to our beautiful Goulburn River.

Staff functions.

River Country Adventours can tailor an outing and experience for your staff. We can arrange winey tours, canoeing, camping, fishing and sightseeing tours. Over the years we have established ourselves in this corporate market. A good example of a day out for your staff and others is we can arrange courtesy collection from anywhere in Melbourne and coach the group to Mitchelton winery near Nagambie. From here, after a look around you can canoe downstream to Tahbilk Wines for lunch. The coach drives to the winery, and after lunch which can either be a barbecue or a sit down meal in the cafe, we can arrange for a personalised tour of the historic cellar. Tasting is almost compulsory and if time permits we can visit another winery or two. Another good thing about these outings, we will get you all home safely.

For more information and bookings contact us on 03. 5852 2736 or reply to this email. We look forward to hearing from you.


Here is your chance to win the $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River. All you need to do is correctly answer the question. All correct entries are placed in an old hat for the draw in early September. So have a crack, today may be your lucky day!

Q. Who said in 1825 of the Port Phillip district, “This would be a good place for a village”.

A. A. Captain Cook, B. John Batman, or C. Ned Kelly.

Thought for the Day.

The difference between cats and dogs. You phone the dog and it will cross rivers, climb mountains, jump fences and risk life in traffic to get to the phone to answer your call. You ring the cat and you get the answering machine which states- “Thanks for phoning the cat, please leave your name and number and if I feel like it, I may get back to you!”

Face Book.

River Country Adventours is on face book and we invite you all to become friends of River Country Adventours. By doing so you will get a discount of 10% off any canoeing adventures on the Goulburn River. To check the page go to and click on the face book icon. We look forward to getting your friendships.