Travelling Victoria
Vol: 191 christmas edition 2015

Welcome to the final newsletter for the year and thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the year, and all your positive comments and goodwill is greatly appreciated.  We certainly have a good product and our knowledge of the regions is most beneficial for all our wonderful visitors.  We are now on with Trip Advisor and have had some humbling reports on our business and the way we operate.  These can be found on our website and we invite you all to have a look and see what you think.  The Lower Goulburn River is now at summer level and will not get any lower.  It is still magnificent for canoeing and kayaking, plenty of birds and kangaroos to be seen along the way.   You have to go around a few logs which makes the adventure all the more interesting.  The river at Nagambie is always the same, due to the nearby Goulburn Weir, and we conduct many safaris in this region which is reasonably close to Melbourne.  Nagambie also has very fine wineries that are always open to visit and taste. 
The lucky winner from last month’s competition is Nicole Bullen from over Bendigo way, she knew that the Goulburn is the longest river in Victoria.  The Murray actually flows in New South Wales as the border is the high water mark on the southern side.  They should never have a river as a state border and I am sure that if they had their time again it would not happen.
There will be another chance to win later in the bulletin.

Best Christmas.

I remember Christmas when I was eight, Santa brought a brand new 24 inch Malvern Star bike.  It had a bell and I was mobile for the first time in my life.  Rode the bike everywhere, aound the farm, into our hamlet of Willaura, down to the Hopkins River.  It was the best present a boy could get.  Now that we are in the right spirit, what was your best Christmas?  Let us know there may even be a prize for the best.  Send your best Christmas ever to

Holiday canoeing.

During the school holidays camping and canoeing on the Lower Goulburn River we are welcoming families with their kids.  All school children with their parents on any canoeing or camping holiday will be at 1/2 price.  We want kids up here to see the trees and birds and experience canoeing with mum and dad down one of the best rivers in the State.  All inquires to River Country Adventours  phone 03. 5852 2736 or 0428 585 227.  The only day that we are not working is Christmas Day.


Here is your chance to win that illusive $200.00 ‘gift voucher’ for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn River.  All you have to do is corretly answer the poser and all correct entries get tossed into an old hat for the draw which will be some time in January.  So have a go, this may be the change of luck you have been wishing for.
Q. What colour is the suit that Santa wears?

Gift Vouchers.

We have plenty of ‘gift vouchers 'for any amount and with at least 12-months to be used, this is a fantastic Christmas gift idea.  Just contact us and once payment is made we will mail the voucher to you made out for that hard to buy person that you love so much.  Either phone or email, it is that simple.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Merry Christmas.

On behalf of my lovely wife Joan we wish all our valued clients and friends a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.  Thanks again for all your support and friendships over the past 12-months, greatly appreciated.  May the New Year be safe, happy and rewarding for you all.    Thanks.