Travelling Victoria
Vol: 136 february 2011

Welcome once again to our monthly newsletter, we hope you enjoy and perhaps get a bit of motivation to venture out into the Great Outdoors of our beautiful State and beyond.   A very wet start to the year and our hearts and thoughts go out to all the Queenslanders who have witnessed massive rainfall which has led to so much destruction, and loss of life.  Our problems seem insignificant in comparison.  Being Australian they will bounce back, and start again.

On the local front we have had our problems as well.  A massive body of water has moved across the North/West of the State and much damage as a result. Many rivers have experienced the biggest floods ever recorded and many country towns and farms along the flood plains have been inundated.  Rivers such as the Wimmera, Loddon, Campaspe, Avoca and Murray have been in major flood.  Many towns along these rivers certainly have had many problems.  The Goulburn River rose to minor flood level and all our campsites were inundated and there is a further environmental flow coming down the river to try and correct the black water event to save the native fish.  When a river floods at this time of the year, lots of gum leaves, twigs and grasses are swept into the river, with warm weather these items rot quickly and take oxygen from the water depriving the fish air.  There has been a huge fish kill in the region, something I have not seen in 40-years of poking about in the bush.  We hope the flush does the trick, and we appreciate your understanding and support in these difficult times.

The Lower Goulburn River is now returning to normal and once again we are open for canoeing and camping.  Nagambie remains open for boating and canoeing and we look forward to your contact, phone Ian on 0449 504 398.  He can arrange for day and half day safaris and just plain canoe hire on the river or lake.  Good stuff.

The winner of last month's competition is Elise Vlasveld from Kilmore.  Barmah Town is situated in Victoria, due to a bend in the Murray you drive into New South Wales from the north.   There is another chance to win a $200.00 'Gift Voucher' from River Country Adventours later in this bulletin.

The Bush is Alive

Following the floods the wildlife is booming particularly in the Barmah National Park and the Lower Goulburn Nation Park.  The best way to witness this bird breeding is by canoe or boat.  The flood was the biggest for many years which has created this ecological hotspot.  Birds such as great egret, night herons, and other species of egrets which have been on the endangered list, are now breeding again and the future looks good.  With this most recent flush coming through more birds will breed as there is plenty of food around.  The floods do a lot of good in the bush.  It has been years since we have seen the old red gums looking so good.

Outback tours update

Lake Eyre will certainly fill to capacity this year.  Our first trip is April 10 and there is still some vacancy and we taking bookings now as there will be a lot of interest in these outback 2-day flight tours this year.  We will also have 3-day tours with one night in Birdsville and the next at Wilpena Pound in the heart of the Flinders Ranges.  The "Dawn of Time" ground tour will be available on the 3-day tour. It is also 150 years since the explorers 'Burke & Wills' perished in the outback, and time will be spent on the tours to learn all about their desperate plight.  For more information contact Rob at River Country Adventours.  Phone 03. 5852 2736.


This is your chance to win a $200.00 canoeing prize on the Lower Goulburn River.  All you do is correctly answer the poser and all correct answers get tossed into an old cricket cap for the official draw later in February.  So have a go it could be your lucky day.
Q. Name the river that flows through Nagambie?

Oldest Pet

Over the years we have found out which is the best Fish & Chip shop, best pie shop, who owns the smartest pet, and many other fun things.  We now want to know who owns the oldest pet in Victoria.  If you have a pet with a bit of age, let us know about it.  I think we will get some incredible tales.  Send your details through to

Special Flood Tour

We are giving you the unique opportunity to express interest in a proposed flight tour from Echuca over the floods in Western Victoria and witness the Darling River in flood.  We can take 8-passengers on a day flight landing in Mildura for lunch.  This is a once in a life time opportunity.   For more details such as times and price please contact Rob on 03. 5852 2736 or email