Travelling Victoria
Vol: 163 july 2013

20th Birthday Edition.

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the responses and positive support received from a large number of you, thanks so much. For the time being we are very happy with the way the business is going, and this newsletter will continue on with monthly bulletins.

On July 2 1993, I drove from Kyabram to Melbourne to pick up our business registration certificate from the Corporate Affairs Office. The day was fine and sunny and all the wattles were blooming in the Whroo Forest near Rushworth, an early spring. To my amazement I found a spare parking spot right in front of the office in Melbourne, something that is extremely rare, almost as rare as laughter on a tram! On receiving the new certificate and on my way back down the lift this lovely lady remarked how happy I looked. I showed her our River Country Adventours certificate and she wished me well. That night on the television news, there she was, none other than Janet Holmes a Court. I often wonder if she remembers me!

The lucky winner of last month’s competition is Sabina Rosser from Prahran. Sabina has won a $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the Goulburn River. This is the second time Sabina has won so well done Sabina. There will be another competition later in this newsletter.

Whale tours.

There are over 50-Southern Right Whales now at the Head of the Bight in South Australia about to give birth along the coast line. This number is expected to increase considerably in the next week or so. This is going to be a fantastic year for whale watching and we have a couple of tours scheduled, both with vacancies at the moment.
  • July 26-28 (BOOKED OUT)
  • Aug 9-11
For more information and bookings contact River Country Adventours. The flights begin in Shepparton and we fly to Ceduna for the 2-night stay. Ceduna is famous for King George Whiting and Oysters which can brought back on the plane.

Happy Birthday.

River Country Adventours has been serving the tourism industry for 20-years and we plan to celebrate. A lot has happened over the past 20-years. We have had 3-floods on the Goulburn and the huge flood in 1993 was a record high for the river, beating 1870 by a few centimetres. The 1870 flood washed out the Melbourne Cup, so it must have been very wide spread. We have also had 9-years of below average rainfall which gave us concern over the natural environment. However, during the drought years we saw many more platypuses in the wild. The river became very clean and the native fish stocks increased and the introduced species like European Carp reduced in number. During the last 20-years we have met many wonderful people. Actually from all over the world have come over to taste a bit of Australian hospitality and learn a bit about our history and heritage.

Our first flight tour to Lake Eyre happened in the winter of 1997. Since then we have taken over 1000-people to witness the flooding of Lake Eyre. It could be years before the huge lake fills again. The first whale tour was completed in 2001, and we have been every year since.

Our future plans include conducting more coach tours throughout regional Victoria, particularly the Murray and Loddon areas. Back in 1993 Paul Keating was Prime Minister, Essendon beat Carlton for the AFL premiership, Vintage Crop won the Melbourne Cup, there was nearly 1-million people unemployed in Australia, we mourned the death of ‘Weary’ Dunlop and Allan Border was Australia’s cricket captain and the team retained the Ashes in England.


Here is your chance to win that $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the beautiful Lower Goulburn River. Simply answer the question all correct entries will be acknowledged and your names go into an old hat for draw sometime next month. So have a go, you never know your luck may change this time.

Q. Which early explorers discovered and named the Goulburn River?
A. A. Hume & Howell (1824), B. Major T. Mitchell (1836) or C. Burke & Wills (1861)? Select either a.b or c as your answer.

Joys of the Job.

You know being a tour operator is a great job. Especially when you have a fantastic group of school children and their teachers canoeing on the river near Yambuna. There was 100-paddlers in total over a couple of days, the weather was good and the kids as mentioned before were great. We all need to get out into the Australian bush from time to time to reflect and re-charge. This is what Pattison was taking about in some of his writings. We saw eagles, kingfishers, plenty of ducks, galahs and thousands of cockatoos. Some of the kids had never been in the bush before, what an experience. We think that all school children should spend some time in the bush, to learn and appreciate nature and all it’s wonders.