Travelling Victoria
Vol: 175 july 2014

Thanks once again for opening this newsletter, and as mentioned last month, we have the best clients in the tourism industry.  Your kind remarks on our achievements over the past 21-years are greatly appreciated, thank you all so much.  We still haven’t done our best work yet, but we are working on it.  Interesting competition last month with the correct answer being that the Campaspe River rises near the township of Trentham.  We had lots of entries which claimed it was the Loddon.  So being fair minded we threw all entries into the hat and Barry Funnell from Melbourne is the lucky winner of the $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn, well done Barry.  There will be another chance for you to win later in this newsletter.

Whales at the Head of Bight.

River Country Adventours are once again giving you the opportunity of a 3-day flight tour from Shepparton to Ceduna to witness the annual massing of Southern Right Whales at the clear and serene ocean at the Bight.  There is no surf in this region and the whales come close to the cliffs where the world class viewing platforms are situated.  This is going to be a peak year with around 150-200 whales to be witnessed.  We have vacancies for the first couple of flights-
  • June 17-19, 2014
  • July 21-23, 2014
For more information and bookings for these fantastic tours contact Rob on 0428 585 227  or email.

21 years-thanks for the good times!

On July 2, 1993 River Country Adventours was registered and became a tourism entity.  When we started tourism was worth $19-billion to the Australian economy today is has grown to around $70-billion.  There have been plenty of changes during the past 21-years and some terrific times.  All of you that are reading this have had something to do with us and it is hoped you have fond memories of your tour or adventure on the river.  In any case, we would love to hear from you for the archives.  Some stories that come to mind was the guy who began writing poetry on a canoeing/camping trip, another couple proposed and got married and are living happily ever after and then was Keith, who didn’t think we meant Yambuna Bridge was the finish of the safari.  Boy did I have trouble finding him and his girl friend some  9-km downstream.  Out of around 20,000 paddlers that have stopped at Yambuna Bridge over the years, this was the only time a person missed the bridge.

Anyway send in your stories, we might even have enough material for a book one day.  Furthermore, to help us celebrate this anniversary we are offering 21% off all canoeing and camping adventures on the Goulburn from now until the end of July.  This includes the Queen Birthday Long Weekend.  Looking forward to your stories and bookings.


Here is your chance to win that $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn.  Just correctly answer the question, and you are in the draw which will be done sometime in July.  Have a go, your luck is due to change.
Q. Which is further north, Ceduna or Newcastle?

Winery Tours.

The winter is a great time to get your friends together for a well organised day out visiting leading Victorian Vineyards.  We can arrange courtesy pick up and visit at least four wineries and can have lunch included at one of the venues.  Also we can go with a group of 8 and up to 60 in the warn coaches.  So to get a quote and some more ideas on what we can offer just contact River Country Adventours or phone 0428 585 227 or email.  To keep it consistent mention our 21st birthday and we will give you 21% off the winery tours until the end of July 2014.  This is a tremendous offer, we need the business and look forward to your booking.
Phone 0428 585 227

Thoughts for the day.

“Hurt me with the truth, but don’t comfort me with a lie”   Old Jack Dec’d 2006.   and “The tree of life has many branches, but from where I sit it looks completely rooted” another one from Old Jack.  And finally “You can never be over-dressed or over-educated”  Oscar Wilde.