Travelling Victoria
Vol: 153 july & august 2012

Thanks once again for opening and reading this newsletter, our future depends on all your support which is greatly appreciated. During the month we purchased a new computer which this is being done on for the very first time, and Joan and I went on holidays. It was our first real break for 15-years and it was terrific. We visited Cairns, Cooktown and the rain forests in those regions. Finished off the break with our daughter and her family on Groote Eylandt where the fishing is great. We flew home from Darwin arriving in Melbourne on a bitterly cold evening which made us think we were mad leaving the warmth of the tropics. But life goes on, and we are now back at work.

The lucky winner of last month’s competition is Katherine Whetton. Katherine has won the $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River. There will be a further opportunity to win later in this newsletter.

Lake Eyre update.

We have vacancies on the following tours- September 9-10; September 17-18 & September 26-27, 2012.

If you would love to witness the beauty of the Australian outback and Lake Eyre with the flood waters from Northern Australia, let us know. We have been running the “Flight to Eyre” tours for the past 15-years, this year is quite different with the lake shinning back a pinkie/blue colour. Truly amazing. Nature is taking it’s toll now with the lake receding rather quickly. For more information and bookings for this great experience contact Rob Asplin on 0428 585 227 or email to

Whale tour.

This is a great tour and there is around 50-magnificent Southern Right Whales with their young in at the Bight to be seen. These gentle creatures can be watched from the world class viewing platforms at the Head of Bight. The trip in early August was the latest we have been on and the young whales are a lot bigger now. The young calves can’t dive until they are ready to swim off to Antarctica sometime in September. We would love to do another trip in the next few weeks, so for more information and bookings contact River Country Adventours on phone 03. 5852 2736 or mobile 0428 585 227. This is a terrific trip.

All Rivers Running High.

The northern rivers are all flowing well with releases from upstream weirs and recent rain. The tracks into Barmah and the Lower Goulburn are very wet with some closures along the Murray River. For canoeing and camping in the next little while we recommend the region around Nagambie. Camping at Major’s Reserve is quite alright. This region is looked after by Parks Victoria and canoeing is safe and enjoyable in this section. For any information on canoeing over the next few weeks please contact us at River Country Adventours phone 03. 5852 2736 any time.


Here is your chance to win a $200.00 gift voucher from River Country Adventours. All you have to do is correctly answer the question, your name will be placed in an old hat for the draw sometime in the future. Anyway, have a go, perhaps today will be your lucky day....someone has to win.
Q. What is a group of owls called?

Thought for the Day.

“A good meal should begin with hunger” Old Jack (Dec’d 2008).

Latest on Lake Eyre.

The lastest flight tour returned last night. The huge lake is now much smaller than previously and the colours are absolutely stunning. The Simpson Desert is green from recent flooding and Lake Eyre is vivid with pink and various shades of blue. As we fly over the lake from the north the pink seems to get brighter, looking back behind you can see for around 100-km and witness the curvature of the Earth. There are no trees or plant life out there and it is hard to tell where the lake ends and the sky begins.

If you have any thoughts of going and taking a look at this amazing event, don’t hesitate contact us