Travelling Victoria
Vol: 140 june 2011

IWelcome to the June newsletter, we hope you continue to enjoy, have a go at the competition and perhaps get some motivation for your next venture into the regional regions of Victoria and beyond.  The lucky winner from last months competition is Simone Lewis.  The delightful town of Avoca is situated on the Avoca River which was named by Major T. Mitchell on his epic discovery trip in 1836.  Simone has won a $200.00 'gift voucher' from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River in Northern Victoria.  For everyone else who missed out, there is another chance to enter a competition and win later in this newsletter

Luckiest fish in Australia

A friend of ours was fishing the other day near Mc Coys Bridge (Wyuna) with his 9-year old son.  Things were pretty quiet on the lines and then suddenly the lad's rod took off.  The boy had hooked a whopper, so his old man ran for the gaff to help get the fish to the bank.  The old man successfully placed the gaff in the Murray Cod's mouth but the boy couldn't hold the monster so the fish broke the line swimming off with a gaff lodged in it's huge mouth.  Down one fish and a useless gaff-hook! The only thing to do is bait up again and cast in.  Amazingly the young bloke gets another big bite.  This time Dad is there to help out and you can only imagine their shock when the 65-cm cod landed with their gaff still in the fish's mouth.  They retrieved the hook and let the mighty fish back into the river.  What are the chances of that happening?


A heritage town situated at the junction of the Sunraysia and Pyrenees highways within an hours drive from Ballarat.  Avoca became an established gold rush region in 1853 boosting good strikes and a good mining town with school, hotels and merchants selling their wares.  The original school was erected in 1857 and by mid 1870's had over 300 students and a new school was built and completed in 1878.  If you are anywhere near Avoca we suggest you drive along Barnett Street and have a look at this magnificent building.  Many other buildings in Avoca are worth looking at as well and with many leading wineries in the region, why not plan to stay awhile.

Lake Eyre

The huge lake is still slowly filling with the flood waters from Queensland earlier in the year making it's way to the basin. The area from Innamincka to Birdsville has plenty of water from the flooding of the nearby Cooper Creek and out near the famous Dig Tree thousands of water birds are to be seen.  Lake Eyre South is still overflowing into Lake Torrens and our flight tours are now flying over this phenomenon, and is quite spectacular.  We have vacancies for these special out back flight tours in June and July.  For more information and bookings please contact River Country Adventours phone 5852 2736 or email


Here is your chance to enter the competition and go into the draw for the prize of a $200.00 gift voucher from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn National Park.  All you have to do is correctly answer the poser and all correct entries will be acknowledged, have a go, it is about time you had some luck.

Q. According to the old imperial measure, how many inches are in six feet?

Whale Tours

Pods of Southern Right Whales are now heading towards to Head of Bight west of Ceduna. Our first 3-day flight day is July 26-28. There is vacancies on this tour at the moment and if you require further information or bookings please contact River Country Adventours.  The whales breed on a three year cycle and it is expected that a good number of females will give birth in the quite waters at the Head of Bight.  This is world class viewing of the whales from the viewing platforms and because the calves can't dive until they are bigger, the mother stays on top of the still water to tend to the calf.  This is truly a marvellous tour to Ceduna.