Travelling Victoria
Vol: 152 june 2012

Welcome to this winter edition of "Travelling Victoria" and we hope you enjoy the contents and perhaps get motivated for a trip out into the great outdoors of this beautiful State and beyond. It has been a dry May and the rural sector is looking for rain for the crops and feed for stock. Amazing country this Australia, a couple of months ago we had floods now we need rain again. As I write this it is now starting to rain, so I'll keep going!

The lucky winner for the $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing experience on the Lower Goulburn River is Raymond Chiswell from Eaglehawk. Ray knew that a group of swallows is a 'flight'. There is another competition for you to enter later in this newsletter.

Lake Eyre update.

The huge lake is holding some water down the southern end which is reflecting a deep pink colour. The water from the north is slowly moving down the lake which is also quite spectacular from the plane. The Cooper Creek at Innamincka is still in flood, at least 2-metres over the causeway, and all this water is on it's way across to Lake Eyre. Just out from Birdsville "Big Red" a massive red sand dune in the Simpson Desert is surrounded by floodwaters. We have seen plenty of water birds at the Dig Tree on the Cooper Creek and some colonies of pelicans along the rivers and steams heading down the deserts to Lake Eyre. Every year is different in the outback and this year is certainly well worth a look. More information on the 2 & 3 day flight tours to Birdsville and Lake Eyre can be gained from visiting our website or phone Rob 03. 5852 2736.


Whale Tour.

We have vacancies at the moment for the special 3-day flight tour from Shepparton to Ceduna and the Head of Bight to witness the annual massing of Southern Right Whales on July 13-15, 2012. This is a great opportunity to see the whales close up at the world class viewing platforms at the Head of Bight. The sea here is always calm (no surf) clean and the mothers feed their young out of the water as the young calves can not dive until they are weaned. The weather is usually warm during the winter as Ceduna is in fact further north than Newcastle.

More information and bookings to River Country Adventours either phone 03. 5852 2736 or email


Winery Tours.

The winter is a great time to round up your special group of friends and plan a winery tour. Victoria has some magnificent vineyards and the best way to visit these establishments is on a winery tour. River Country Adventours have been conducted these tours for years and at many wineries a discount is offered on purchase of the wines. So all you need to do is to contact Rob on 0428 585 227 and see how easy it is to arrange an outing to suit your requirements. One thing is for sure, we'll get you home safely.


Here is your opportunity to win the $200.00 'gift voucher' from River Country Adventours simply by correctly answering the question. All correct entries will be acknowledged and then go into a hat for the official draw later in June. So have a crack, someone has to win and it may be you.
Q. What is a group of emus called?

Thought for the Day.

When asked why he calls his wife 'Five Horses' the man said "because she goes Nag, Nag, Nag, Nag, Nag!"


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