Travelling Victoria
Vol: 185 june 2015

Winter is here, the footy season is getting very interesting and the Aussies are about to play England in the Ashes series in England.  Things are pretty good up here as well.  Another environmental flow down the Goulburn to stimulate growth along the banks and assist with Golden Peach breeding and to share the excess water way off down steam.  It is good out along the river at the moment, plenty of bird life in particular Wedge Tailed Eagles.  The most we have seen in a day is 9 and they keep us amused as they ambush the cockatoos and take them back to their nest.
Thanks for all your kind comments about our newsletter and business and we look forward to being of service to you for many years.  The lucky winner of last months competition is Bill Payne from Werribee.  River Country Adventours started on July 2, 1993.  There will be a further chance to win the $200.00 gift voucher later in this newsletter.

Whale tours.

The annual massing of the Southern Right Whales at the Head of Bight in South Australia has began and we are taking bookings for the spectacular flight tours over the Ceduna.  This is the only tour in Australia that you see the Flinders Ranges and the Grampians during the flights.  Ceduna is also the oyster and whiting capital in Australia and these goodies can be brought home with you on the plane.  For more information and bookings contact River Country Adventours phone 0428 585 227. 

International Market.

We are considering entering the growing international tourism market.  This will not effect our domestic market and if it goes well we will be able to employ people into the industry.  We believe the international market will be seeking our outback flights particularly to places like Innamincka and the Flinders Ranges.  We welcome your input and suggestions as this is a huge step for River Country Adventours.  This proposed new venture would help to expand our tours and canoeing. 


Here is your chance to win the $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River.  Just correctly answer the poser and all correct answers will be acknowledged and placed in an old hat for the draw sometime next month.  Have a go, today may be your lucky day.

Q. What species of whale can be seen at the Head of Bight?

Old Jack.

Over the years we introduced some characters but none better than a bloke known as Óld Jack.  Jack would have been born in the early part of last century and he passed away peacefully in 2006.  Jack was legendary around the pubs and woolsheds in the bush.  His story telling was famous and his one liners could be the contents of a book.  One of the best I can recall is this little gem........”the tree of life has many branches......but from where I stand it looks completely rooted!’...........  Old Jack Deceased 2006.