Travelling Victoria
Vol: 196 june edition 2016

Welcome to another edition of our regular newsletter, we trust you will enjoy and perhaps gain some motivation for your next escape out into the regional areas of Victoria and beyond.  The winter has become very wet and cold, and our canoeing adventures have slowed somewhat, but there are no flies and you can have a campfire and the river is just as beautiful.
The lucky winner from last month’s competition is Val Howard from Yea.  The collective noun for a group of Pelicans is a Raft, however we did accept Pod and Squadron.  Well done to Val who has won a $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing/camping experience on the Lower Goulburn River.  There will be another chance to win later in this bulletin.

Lake Eyre Update.

The huge lake is now holding quite a bit of water from recent local rainfall and the big rivers coming in from the north.  This is where all the pelicans are feeding and breeding, so we are sure the birds know what they are doing and there will be water around for quite some time.  The deserts surrounding Lake Eyre are now lush and green, a sight behold, and one rarely seen in this normally harsh arid region of Australia.  The next scheduled tours with vacancies are-
  • July                 13-14  Seats available
  • August           16-17  Seats available.

Ceduna Whale tours.

We are seeking expressions of interest for our annual flight tours from Shepparton to Ceduna and to see over 100-Southern Right Whales at the head of Bight.  This is an extraordinary tour as we go towards the end of August and September when the young calves are nearly as big as their mother.  The calves can’t dive deep until they are weaned, therefore the mother stays up near the surface to tend the youngsters huge appetite, so you see plenty of whales from the world class viewing platform at the Bight.  For information, with dates and itinerary please contact River Country Adventours. 


Here is your chance to win that $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing and camping on the Lower Goulburn River at Wyuna (near Echuca).  Just correctly answer the question, and wait for the draw sometime in July.
Q. What State or Territory is the famous Dig and Burke tree in?

Kanyapella Safari.

This is a 3 or 4-day canoeing adventure on the beautiful Lower Goulburn.  We set up your camp in a good remote spot and after each days paddle we bring you back to your camp.  This is where your vehicle is safely parked and if you require more supplies, then it is a short drive to Kyabram or Echuca.  All you need to bring is your bedding, food and refreshments for the camp and a sense of adventure.  In this region we have a growing population of Wedge Tailed Eagles and last year a pair of White Bellied Sea Eagles nested and had young.  These are a joy to see in the wild.  We also have platypuses as well as kangaroos and many other species of water and forest birds.  This is one of the best adventures in Australia and we look forward to plenty of inquires and bookings.

Thought for the Day.

........don’t count the days, make the days count.................Muhammad Ali