Travelling Victoria
Vol: 171 march 2014

Welcome to another edition of our newsletter and we hope you enjoy and get motivated for the next trip out into the country.  And with all the heat this summer we have had many cancellations and deferrals with the canoeing and camping.  We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience in River Country.  The weather will cool down and we have heaps of vacancies for canoeing over the Labour Day weekend March 8-10 and Easter which is April 18-21.  We have canoeing on the Goulburn River and on Lake Eildon as well as the Edward River in the Riverina around Deniliquin.  So if you are into canoeing then River Country Adventours is the answer. 
The lucky winner of last month’s competition is Eliza Middlemass from Dandenong.  Eliza knew that Kyabram was just a bit further north of Wangaratta.  This question tricked quite a few people and we will try and make the next question a bit easier.  There will be another chance to win a $200.00 gift voucher from River Country Adventours for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn.

Good Practice.

Tourism is a people business and we at River Country Adventours are no exception.  In our 20-plus years of operation we have built up a good client base and we reckon we have provided products that the customer will thoroughly enjoy and tell all their friends about the special way they were treated.  We have plenty of testimonials to support this claim.  Our basic plan is to spend time looking for new clients but the most important is the many  people who have supported us in the past, they deserve looking after.  This newsletter is being sent to well over 3000 people many of whom have been on a canoeing trip or tour with us.  The newsletter is to remind our valued clients that we are striving to be the best tour operators in the State, and have a bit of fun along the way.   The other day I was sitting near the river waiting for some canoeists to arrive, when a platypus came out of the water onto the bank, he spots me and quickly turns and returns to the river.......what a privilege to see something like that.  

Outback Flight Tours.

With all the monsoonal across much of Northern Australia, the rivers will flood and the waters will slowly come down to the lowest point in Australia, the Lake Eyre Basin.  The flood waters certainly do it tough out in the outback.  With evaporation and seepage into the thirsty deserts, it is amazing that from time to time Lake Eyre fills with water.  The huge lake is quite a few meters below sea level, and when it is full the flood waters are about sea-level, this fact I find quite amazing.  The other fascinating thing about this rare phenomenon in the harsh outback is how do the big water birds like pelicans and swans from all over Australia know when the flood waters are coming down?  There will be plenty to see in the outback and our special flight tours will begin in April, when the weather will be a lot more pleasant for these flight tours. 
In addition to the “Flight to Eyre” we also have planned 2-3 days flights to the Flinders Rangers and Innamincka.  It was around Innamincka that the ill-fated Burke & Wills expedition ended in 1861 with the demise of Burke and Wills.  Their accomplice King was found alive after being looked after by the aborigines later in that year.  The Victorian Government held an inquest into the expedition and found very unfavourable things about the leaders and others.   Later in the year we will again fly over to Ceduna to see all the whales which come in every year to the Head of Bight.   To find out more about all these great trips just contact Rob at River Country Adventours either e-mail or phone 03. 5852 2736.  You will be glad you did.


Here is your chance to win that $200.00 ‘gift voucher 'from River Country Adventours simply by answering correctly the question.  All correct entries will be acknowledged and then placed in the draw in April.  So have a go, someone has to be lucky, but you need to be in it to win.

Q. What State is Lake Eyre situated in?

Thought for the Day.

An Irishman was driving his car along a lonely country road when he spots his mate Paddy sitting in a canoe in the middle of a paddock paddling like mad.  Pulling up the friend, yells to Paddy “You silly’s idiots like you that give us Irishmen a bad name.......and if I could swim, I would swim out there and tell you so!”         

Have a great day