Travelling Victoria
Vol: 194 march edition 2016

A very hot and busy month especially with the Labour Day Long Weekend.  The algal bloom in the Murray brought many canoeists to the Goulburn which is flowing well and clean.  Blue Green Algae blooms in rivers is not a new thing.  In 1836 when the early explorer Major T.L Mitchell crossed the Murray where the Darling meets, wrote in his diary about a strange green slim on the river.  So it is wrong to suggest it is a new thing and blame climate change and other factors. 
The winner of last month’s competition is Sara Mc Millan from Frankston South.  Sara like everyone knew the Wimmera River flows through Dimboola, and there will be another chance to win the $200,00 gift voucher for any canoeing and camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn later in this bulletin.

Lake Eyre Update.

Still holding a good layer of water and with all the monsoonal rainfall which has most of the Northern Rivers in major flood, this year is going to be a good time to see this phenomena in the harsh outback regions of Australia.  Thousands of water birds from all over the place have now made Lake Eyre their home and will breed up to three or four times whilst there is water in the huge lake.  We are offering special flight tours from Shepparton to see the outback come to life and Lake Eyre.  The following scheduled tours that still have vacancies are-
  • April 11-12    1-seat     (Special discount for readers for this final spot).
  • April 26-27    7-seats
  • May 12-13    5-seats.
We welcome your enquiry by email or phone 03. 5852 2736  or mobile 0428 585 227.

The Mighty Cod.

About 10-years ago I was on the Goulburn fishing with my old mate Gus, when all of a sudden there was a disturbance in the river, and we saw at least 50-cm of white roll over.  This was a mighty Murray Cod.  Later whist talking to some old fishermen it was confirmed we had seen a cod, and it was quite possible that this fish would be well over a metre in length and could have been over 100-years old.  For years we fished this spot without even a nibble, which makes me think this fish either eats all other fish that enter his part of river or at least scares them away.  Last week whilst putting a couple of canoes into the water, this same strange disturbance occurred, and up comes this magnificent Murray Cod.  The people in the canoes saw something very special, and if any one is lucky enough to snare this mighty fish, I hope they let it go.  Big old fish like this should be protected.  I hope to see him again one day.


Here is your chance to win a $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn.  Just answer the question correctly and await the draw sometime next month.  All correct entries will be acknowledged.  So have  a go you might be lucky this time.

Q. What river flows through Charlton and Quambatook?

Good times ahead.

The river is perfect for camping and canoeing for most of the year.  In the Lower Goulburn National Park, there are no speed boats and Jet Skis, just canoes and the odd bloke out fishing.  We welcome your enquiry.  Contact us here on or phone Rob M 0428 585 227.  You will be glad you did.