Travelling Victoria
Vol: 184 May 2015

A bit late with this edition, been on the wallaby, Joan and I visited sunny Tasmania and had a ball in the Apple Isle.  Full of very interesting historic places that date back from early 1800’s Van Dieman’s Land was a convict settlement.  Places like Richmond, Ross and Port Arthur were of particular interest to me.  The other thing that I am happy to report on is the cleanliness of the State.  We didn’t see any litter or rubbish, and the people were also very friendly.
The lucky winner from last month’s competition is Lun Wing from Ivanhoe. The Dig Tree is in Queensland but only just.  The Dig Tree and the nearby Burke Tree are probably two of Australia’s most famous trees, being associated with the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition to try and find a way from Darwin to Melbourne for the telegraph line.  This structure finally went from Darwin to Adelaide in the 1880’s.

There will be another chance to win the gift voucher for $200.00 for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn River.

Canoe Sale.

As the canoeing season is now drawing to a close, we have decided to make a bit more room in the boat shed by selling off a few of the stock.  So for a good deal on a good quality used canoe please get in touch with us, and we will see what we can do.  The sale would would also include paddles and you are quite welcome to come to 13 Mackie Street in Kyabram to have a look at what we’ve got.  Phone Rob M 0428 585 227.

Wine Tours.

Now that the cooler months are here, this is perfect time for you to motivate the group and arrange for a well organized day out visiting some of Victoria’s leading vineyards.  You will be guaranteed a great time and we will get you home safely.  For groups of over 20 we can pick up in Melbourne and smaller groups of 10 from Shepparton, Echuca, Bendigo and Nagambie.  Our Mystery Wine tour is proving quite popular as it includes lunch at one of the wineries and is easy paced, fun and friendly.  For more information and bookings phone 0428 585 227.


Your chance to win that elusive $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure in River Country.  Just correctly answer the question, all correct entries will be acknowledged and go into the old hat for the draw sometime next month.  Have a go, you never know this may be your lucky day!

Q. What year did River Country Adventours start?

Flight to Ceduna (Whales).

The annual migration of the magnificent Southern Wight whales from the icy waters of Antarctica to the Head of Bight in South Australia will begin to happen later next month.  We will be having flight tours from Shepparton to Ceduna.  The tours are 3-days and is the only tour where you will see the Flinders Rangers on the way over and the Rugged Grampians on the flight home.  This is a terrific tour which we have been running for over 10-years and we look forward to your further inquiry and bookings.  The tours will run in July, August and September.  The whales come into the quiet waters at the Bight to give birth and tend to their calves until they are big enough to join the pod and head back out to sea.