Travelling Victoria
Vol: 167 november 2013

Thanks for opening our monthly newsletter, we hope you enjoy it and perhaps become motivated and venture out into our beautiful State and have a great time. The Lower Goulburn River has now returned to normal level after all the winter rains, and is ideal for canoeing, fishing, bike riding, bush walking and camping. We have several good safe camping sites in the Wyuna/Yambuna area, which is about 25-km east from Echuca. There are many options for activities in this remote region which is full of water and forest birds. All the birds have young and there is quite a deal of attention given to feeding times. The wedge tailed eagles have young and the adult birds are very active at the moment. This is a great time to be in the bush, so if are thinking about a break from your normal activities, give us a call and book in. All our products can be found on the canoeing section of our web site

The lucky winner from last month’s competition is Billy Weston from Frankston. Billy knew that daylight saving began in Victoria in 1971. Billy has won a $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn, there will be another chance to win later in this newsletter.



On a recent canoeing and camping adventure, Ian & Esther from Bendigo, spotted at least 8-platypuses in the Lower Goulburn downstream from Mc Coys Bridge. This is fantastic news, as we hadn’t had any reported findings for ages. The river has returned to normal level and the animals will have had their young in the burrows along the banks, and the parents are busy getting food for the young. The platypus can rear two young each year, but normally only one survive, this is why the numbers don’t increase quickly. A couple more facts about the platypus is that they spend a fair bit of time out of the water. They get most of their food from the bottom of the river, and can only hold their breath for a minute or so. The male has nasty spikes on his hind legs which should be avoided as they contain toxin. A few years ago a platypus was found wandering along the main street in Wangaratta. The animal must have come out of the Ovens or King River and wandered along the road. I wonder what he thought of downtown Wang?


Winery Tours.

River Country Adventours over the years has developed some great winery tours. One in particular is our “Mystery Wine Tour”. This tour is available every day of year (Except Christmas Day). We can arrange pick up anywhere in Melbourne and take the group of min. 10 to at least 4-quality wineries, include lunch and cellar tours through the historic buildings. The all-inclusive cost is $169.00 p.p. and we will get you all home safely at the end of the day. So get your friends together, and book in. These activities are ideal for social clubs, work break ups and other. We can even include a spot of canoeing if you like on these very popular outings.



Here is your chance to win that $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn National Park. Just correctly answer the question, all correct returns will be acknowledged and the names placed into an old hat for the draw sometime in November. This is a good prize for Christmas which is coming up.

Q. What year did the yacht “Australia 11”win the America’s Cup?

A. a. 1899, b. 1983 c. 2001.

Nagambie a great place to be.

Always with good water for boating and canoeing, Nagambie is a destination must for everyone. Situated just off the Goulburn Valley Highway 90-minutes north from Melbourne, Nagambie has a lot to offer. Because of the nearby Goulburn Weir just downstream from the town, the lake and Goulburn River is always at a good height. If you are into fishing you can hire a boat and go after the fish which include Catfish, trout, red fin and Yellow Belly. We have canoes available for safari most weekends and conduct many enjoyable canoeing experiences for schools. At the foreshore of the lake a statue to the magnificent horse Black Caviar will be unveiled in November. The horse was bred on a nearby stud and was never beaten in all her 25 starts which makes her one of the all time great horses. Other things to do in Nagambie include visitation to the many fine wineries in the region. Remember we can arrange guided tours for groups small and large. See you in Nagambie soon.


Thoughts for the Day.

If shared problems lesson the burden, then how come there is so much road rage? And did you know that hot water freezes more quickly than cold water. And here is one from the past “The tree of life has many branches.......but from where I stand it looks completely rooted! “ old Jack Deceased.