Travelling Victoria
Vol: 178 october 2014

Thanks once again for opening this newsletter, and the good news is that there are canoes on the Edward River at Deniliquin.  This is being run by Scott & Debbie Fullerton who are  doing a fantastic job running Edward River Adventours.  So if you are in the area and looking for something to do give Scott a call on 0427 823 373.  You can also check them out on facebook under Edward River Adventours, there are some good photos for you to like.  This is good news for all the people in the area looking for a peaceful experience away from speed boats and Jet Skis and alike on the serene Edward River, and you will be in good hands with these professional operators.   Book now on Mobile 0427 823 373.
Last month’s lucky winner is Carolyn Atkinson from Kilmore, she knew it was the Edward River that gently flows through Deniliquin and the lush Riverine Plains of Southern New South Wales.  There will be another opportunity to win the $200.00 ‘gift voucher’ for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn River.


There must be something in the Kyabram water supply because the town of around 7,000 people have produced 36 VFL/AFL footballers to date.  The latest being Brett Delideo (Richmond) and Tom Holman (Carlton).  Garry Lyon and Dick Clay also came from Kyabram.  This is a pretty good effort considering Bendigo has not produced this many league footballers.  Kyabram also can boast two test cricketers in Jim Higgs and Mathew Elliott and Pam Mathews who was an Olympic javelin champion. Music guru Molly Meldrum also came from Kyabram, although he probably won’t admit it. 

Kyabram is the biggest town in Victoria which is not on a main road, or a river, lake or estuary.  There are a couple of good hotels, a club and two motels as well as caravan parks.  A great place to live and bring up kids with excellent educational facilities, a well equipped hospital and a bustling shopping centre.  So if you are anywhere near Kyabram, drop in and have look around the famous Fauna Park and if you have time arrange a trip out to the Lower Goulburn with River Country Adventours.

Canoes on the Goulburn.

The Goulburn is the longest river in Victoria and one of the best for canoeing. From the faster water for the more experienced paddlers upstream of Seymour to the gentle water around Nagambie and the Lower sections, the river has something for everyone.  A great river to learn the noble art of canoeing and especially school groups should consider the serene river at Nagambie.  Not far from Melbourne and River Country Adventours can teach the students the correct way to paddle and get plenty of enjoyment from the outdoor activity.  We have all our camping situated in the Wyuna/Yambuna region which is about 25-km east from Echuca.  The bird life in the bush on both sides of the pristine river is quite amazing.  The wedge tall eagles are busy nesting again, second year in a row, so things must be pretty good out in the bush.  For more information and bookings for these special products contact Rob on M 0428 585 227 or emails will be appreciated.


Here is you chance to win the $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn.  Just correctly answer the question, all correct answers will be acknowledged with the lucky winner notified sometime in October.  So have a go, today your luck may change.
Q. What is a baby Koala called?

Best is yet to come.

We mentioned in the last newsletter just how the cold winter with no flight tours to Lake Eyre and only a couple of tours to the whales at the Head of Bight had effected our business.   We thought things have never been so bad, but on reflection our first couple of years in the tourism industry was pretty dire.  Our first coach tour had to be cancelled due to the flooding of the rivers.  In fact 1993 was the biggest flood on record on the Goulburn and the Murray was closed due to the flooding and all the river boats were idle.  I recall the painful task of contacting all the prospective clients and advising that the tour in which the highlight was a river cruise on the famous Emmylou at Echuca had to be postponed.  Half the bookings wanted their refunds returned, however the other half decided to give us a go and awaited for the flood waters to recede, and the tour was finally a success.  Although financially we were definitely in a bad situation.  At this time we could have easily given up and tried something that seemed a bit easier.  But, we battled on and withstood potential adversity, to finally come out on the right side of the ledger.  A few years later we started the canoeing business side of the business and this gradually grew each year, and now we have canoes in Deniliquin and pretty well all sections of the Goulburn are covered.  But with the start of spring and the good conditions for outdoor activities ahead we are looking forward to a great year with the canoeing and camping.  All we need now is your bookings, and we are open and looking for business, and there is no doubt our best work is ahead.  We are looking for at least 100-enquiries from this  request for support, thanks.

Footy finals.

What would we do in Victoria without football?  Now all over the State local fans are gearing up to barrack for their sides playing off in the finals.  The AFL gets all the publicity and they certainly put on a good show each week.  But for the local country supporter who has little chance to get to the big games at the M.C.G, there is country football.  Good luck to all the leagues with the finals, crowds are up and the football played in good country spirit.  Some of the supporters are extra keen, I recall a family of fanatical supporters who would get to the grounds where the grand final was to be played on the Friday.  Get the best spot on the fence, and camp for the night.  You could see their camp fire for miles.