Travelling Victoria
Vol: 132  October

It is official and without any doubt the drought is over.  Old Jack once said that every dry spell ends with a good drop of rain  The rivers and streams in Victoria have had a good flush with some recording levels just under the record flood of 1993. All the billabongs and back waters along the Goulburn and Murray are now full of water and frogs can be heard everywhere.   Our canoeing business is on hold and we do appreciate the understanding and patients of our clients who have postponed their canoeing and will re-schedule at a later time. Thanks.

The winner from last month's competition is Glenn Jenkins from Brighton.  Moe is about 3-km further south than Geelong.  Glenn has won a $200.00 "Gift Voucher" from River Country Adventours for any canoeing adventure on the Lower Goulburn National Park.  There is an easier competition later in this newsletter.

Lake Eyre Update

Following heavy rainfall around the basin, Lake Eyre has once again peaked at a level seldom reached in living memory.  The deserts are covered with wild flowers and there is water everywhere.  On our last "Flight to Eyre" 2-day tour from Echuca to Birdsville and Lake Eyre, we finally found the birds.  Thousands of big waterbirds, nesting on the streams heading down the Simpson Desert to Lake Eyre.  The pelicans can breed up to three times in good conditions like this year.  Truly is an amazing sight.  Thanks for all the positive feedback about our tours, greatly appreciated.  We have however had a couple of negative comments.  The first being that the tour was too long and the second it was too short!

There is still some vacancy on a flight tour from Echuca on October 20-21, 2010.  This could be your last chance to witness something very spectacular and perhaps a once in a life time event.   For more information and bookings phone Rob 03. 5852 2736 or email to

Paddling in Paradise

River Country Adventours have plenty of canoeing options along many sections of the Goulburn and Murray Rivers in Northern Victoria.  In this edition we want to tell you about our premier product.  The 3-day "Kanyapella" canoeing safari begins from Linn Lin campsite (Wyuna) and finishes 3-days later just past Stewart's Bridge at Echuca Village (Kanyapella).  During this adventure all you have to do paddle, we go ahead and set up the camp and place a marker on the sandbar to guide you in.  We also provide an industrial portable toilet and arrange for your food and refreshments to be at the campsites for your enjoyment.  At the finish we will get your vehicle/s to you so this is an experience in the bush with a touch of luxury thrown in.  The Kanyapella safari covers around 50-km of beautiful winding river which slowly meanders through the southern section of the Barmah Forest.  The whole region is a haven for many species of water and forest birds, and the fishing is quite good also.  For more information on this amazing adventure contact River Country Adventours.


Here is your opportunity to win a $200.00 "Gift Voucher" for any canoeing/kayaking adventure on the Lower Goulburn River National Park.  All that is required is that you correctly answer the question, all correct entries will be acknowledged and then placed in an old hat for the draw later in October.  Have a go, someone has to win.

Q- Which is further east Ararat or Lake Bolac?

For Sale

We still have that TK1 racing kayak that was mentioned last month for sale with K1 paddle and safety vest for $1,100.00.  This kayak is 5-metres in length and was hand made in Ballarat and in excellent condition.  It can take weight up to 90-kg and is ideal for events such as the Murray Marathon and other contests around the place.  Kayaking is an Olympic sport.  Anyway, if you want more information give us a call on 03. 5852 2736.  Well worth having a look at.

Thoughts for the Day

You can change the figures but you can't change the facts.............Anon.....................and "Old age is overrated!"  Old Jack (Dec'd 2008).