Travelling Victoria
Vol: 188 september 2015

Welcome to another edition of this newsletter, this is the 16th year of sending out these bulletins in this format. We have a lot of fun doing them and we hope you continue to enjoy and  get some motivation to venture out into the regional areas to see what Victoria and beyond has to offer.  The really good news is that for the first time in our memory a pair of Sea Eagles are nesting high in a huge Red Gum beside the Lower Goulburn River near Kanyapella.  We have known for years a pair of Sea Eagles have nested along the Murray near Barmah, but now there is another pair nesting along the Goulburn, we are absolutely delighted.  Further upstream near Yambuna we have Wedge Tail Eagles nesting also.  So you will see these magnificent birds when you come canoeing in River Country.
The lucky winner of last month’s competition is Margaret Earl who knew that the Goulburn flows proudly through Shepparton.  The Broken River flows to Shepparton, but not through it, and joins the Goulburn near Kialla.  There will be another opportunity to win a $200.00 gift voucher later in this bulletin. 

Gift Vouchers.

With Christmas fast approaching (less than 100-days)  once again, we have gift vouchers for all amounts which are ideal for presents for that hard to buy for person you love.  These vouches all have 12-months to be used by and as mentioned can be for any amount.  Just contact us at River Country Adventours and after payment we will forward the voucher to your address.

Staff Break Ups.

We can arrange canoeing on many sections of the Goulburn and Murray Rivers, and can organise camping and overnight adventures.  In addition to this we can arrange well organised winery and other tours to places of interest.  River Country Adventours is a leader in regional tourism and we are open and looking for more business in this area.  We will welcome your inquires.


Here is your chance to win a $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn.  All you need to do is correctly answer the question.  All correct entries get tossed into a hat for the draw sometime next month.  So have a go, you never know your luck might change.
Q. What river flows through Horsham?

Great Achievement.

Every now and then something special happens and in this case we want everyone to know.  Last weekend we had a lovely couple from Griffith in NSW for a day canoeing safari on the Lower Goulburn.  Arnold and his wife Louise were looking forward to the adventure and as I drove them upstream we discussed the options as regards to distance and times.  Most people opt for the 14-16 km route which is usually enough.  But not this pair, they wanted the maximum of a staggering 30-km.  I made it clear that even at 5-km per hour this will take 6-hours, and they would also need to stop to rest and enjoy the picnic lunch along the way.  I got them going and exactly 6-hours later they arrived at the finish.  It was then I discovered that Arnold was 74 and Louise not far behind.  What a mighty effort, they were an inspiration to me.  Nothing is impossible in River Country.

Something to think about.

Women who are overweight out live their male partners, especially if the male mentions it!.  And... the tree of life has many branches but from where I stand it looks completely rooted........!
Old Jack deceased 2008.


Go Hawks!