Travelling Victoria
Vol: 199 September edition 2016

Welcome to another edition of our popular newsletter, which has been sent out in this format since June 2000.  Volume one was sent to 57 people of which 9 are still receiving this.  This is our 199 publication and is going out to over 4,500 people all over the place.  Hope you enjoy the easy read and perhaps get some motivation to venture out into the wonders of rural Victoria and beyond. 
The lucky winner from last month’s competition is Andrew Lefebvre from Melbourne.  Andrew knew that the Phantom’s horses name is Hero, and Andrew has won a $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing/camping adventure on the Lower Goulburn River, well done.  There will be another chance to win later in this newsletter.

Rain, beautiful rain!

Most of Australia has had a good drop of rain, especially Victoria.  Just about all the rivers and creeks are rising and some are getting close to flood levels.  Be careful where you travel off the main roads, don’t drive through flood water and keep to the high ground.  The Goulburn where we do most of our canoeing is rising making it difficult to get in and out again on the Lower sections.  We have canoeing going at Nagambie which is not far out of Melbourne and have canoeing hire and safaris on the river there.  For further information on canoeing during the school holidays please contact Rob at River Country Adventours  M 0428 585 227.  For people travelling to Echuca, Barmah is a good option for canoeing on the Murray River, again contact us for further information and bookings.

Footy Finals.

Some country leagues are finished with the grand finals being played over the past week or so, however if your side is still in the finals we wish you and your team all the best.  The AFL gets all the publicity, but there are hundreds of other teams out in there needing all the support they can get.  There was a case recently, up in Wimmera somewhere where a player got badly hurt.  The officials stopped the match while they went looking for a stretcher to bring this poor chap off on.  A stretcher could not be found at the ground so they removed a door from the change room and carried the injured player off on a door.  Now this is not a reflection on a ground without a stretcher but a good case for lateral thinking.  There is always a plan B.


Here is your chance to win that $200.00 gift voucher for any canoeing/camping adventure along the Lower Goulburn River (near Echuca).  All you need to do is correctly answer the question and get drawn out of a hat later next month.  Good luck.
Q. What was Hopalong Cassidy's horses name?

Staff Break Ups.

The end of the year is fast approaching and River Country Adventours are leaders is arranging staff wind ups and Christmas functions.  We can arrange tours in coaches to places of interest in Victoria and beyond, especially leading wineries.  We have a huge range of canoes and kayaks and can arrange safaris along many sections of our major rivers, including the Murray.  Anyway, I hope I have roused your interest and we look forward to your contact in this regard.  Phone Rob on M 0428 585 227

Lake Eyre (last chance).

We have been very fortunate to have been to Lake Eyre 12-times this year.  It doesn’t get much better, with all the deserts green and lush from plenty of inland rainfall and the huge lake is still holding some water.  If you want to fly up the Birdsville and witness Lake Eyre with water now is a good time to contact us here at River Country Adventours.  We can go with a minimum of 6-people and the tour is easy paced, fun and friendly.  We have been conducting these flight tours since 1997, and this is the most spectacular year to date.   Anyway, the plane is available and accommodation in Birdsville will be alright, all we need is your bookings.  We can go with just 6.