Travelling Victoria
Vol: 143 september 2011


Thank you once again for receiving this newsletter, we hope you continue to enjoy and perhaps gain some motivation for your next venture out into the great outdoors of regional Victoria and beyond. Plenty of rain across the State in the last month and with all the reservoirs filling to capacity, we will enjoy good years ahead. All the rivers are full and the bush is looking lush and beautiful with birds busy nest building, there is spring in the air.
The lucky winner from last month's competition is Lauren Zmood from St Kilda. Lauren knew that there was 10-two bobs in a quid. Australia changed over to decimal currency in February 1966 and so ended the trays, zacks, shillings and two bobs. All replaced by dollars and cents. There will be another chance to win a $200.00 gift voucher from River Country Adventours later in this bulletin.

Lake Eyre Update.

The huge Lake Eyre basin is the largest inland drainage system in Australia covering well over a million square kilometres of surface area,
and comprising about one-quarter of the continent. This year after heavy rainfall across most of Northern Australia, Lake Eyre finally filled much to the delight of millions of water birds and tourists. To date River Country Adventours have arranged 17-flight tours to Birdsville and Lake Eyre. The following is a schedule of tours with vacancies at the moment, and if you have a desire to witness this once in a life time event, we suggest you contact Rob today.

Phone 0428 585 227.


The delightful township situated between Lancefield and Riddells Creek is well worth the short drive north/west from Melbourne, just to have a look around. The town is named after an English village. The poet Vincent Buckley was born there in 1925. Being relatively close to Melbourne, many people are now settling in the region and commuting daily. The Australian film "Dusty" was filmed on location. The film was about an old man, a dingo pup who turned out to be a champion sheep dog. As the dog grew older the inherent instincts came to the fore and Dusty began killing the sheep. Frank D Davidson was the author, well worth a read or chase up the old film which probably is on video somewhere.


Here is your opportunity to win a $200.00 'gift voucher' from River Country Adventours by correctly answering the question. All correct answers will be acknowledged and placed in an old hat for the draw later in September.
Q. Who is Australia's cricket captain?

Canoes for Sale.

River Country Adventours has a couple of new and used canoes for sale at the moment. We also have a fibreglass kayak which can be inspected in Melbourne by appointment. For further information and more details please contact Rob on email or phone 0428 585 227.

Thought for the Day.

Over heard the other day......."We got married for better or worse..........he couldn't do any better and I couldn't do any worse!"


River Country Adventours are fully accredited tour operators, and were in the first 20-tourism businesses that were accredited under the new scheme back in 1995. You know you are in good hands with accredited operators and you should seek the "Gold Tick". To become accredited you have to be associated with tourism organizations, have at least $10-million in Public Liability Insurance, procedure manuals and risk management in place, licensed with the appropriate body (in our case Parks Victoria) and business plans and financial backing.