Australia is a beautiful country, and often we are recognised by tourists for our coastal cities and gorgeous beaches. 

But there’s so much more to the Australian landscape that isn’t often explored by local Australians, let alone tourists. 

Australia is such a vast and beautiful place, with over 60,000 years of rich history. Travelling to outback regions of Australia is an incredibly rewarding experience. 

So next time you’re considering a holiday adventure in Australia, here’s why you should consider an Outback Flight! 

Rich history and culture 

The Australian outback has a rich and important history and culture, including many amazing Indigenous cultural sites. 

It’s a great opportunity to learn about Australia, while exploring amazing new places. 

Jaw dropping landscapes and wildlife

The Australian outback has a whole range of different and beautiful landmarks, such as swimming holes, large expanses of red dirt and rock formations. 

It’s almost impossible to describe it accurately to anyone who hasn’t seen it with their own eyes. Here are just some of the things people had to say about our outback trip to Lake Eyre in South Australia. 

“….the scenery was fantastic-how do you describe the colours and sights to people who haven’t seen it?” Sue Ridgewell July, 2009.

“…..we enjoyed our two day flight to see Lake Eyre, the colours and views from the plane were so wonderful and words can’t describe…Thank you and Ralph for the experience…” Millicent & Bruce, May 2010.

“We had an amazing trip with you this time as Nathan was a great pilot giving us good views of the highlights! The green around Birdsville after the flood was terrific to see & I was most impressed with the flight over the Goyder Lagoon and the colours and contrasts of Lake Eyre.” H.N  2019

Remote getaway 

While other adventures and holidays may have you surrounded by people and things, a trip to Outback Australia is going to help you get a sense of peace from the remote land. 

Even outback towns offer a charming and peaceful experience. You can relax at a local pub for the night, and then continue adventuring the next. 

Stunning sunsets and sunrises

Everyone loves a breathtaking sunset. There’s something about it that feels like home to the people who gaze at it. 

Outback Australia has some of the most amazing sunsets to witness. The desert creates a magical effect as the sky shines with orange red and blue all mixed together.

The same goes for the sunrises, that bring warmth and colour back into the land. 

You can wake up and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the first rays touch the land, or sit by a campfire as the sun slowly disappears from view. Either way, you’re going to get an amazing show of nature’s raw beauty. 

Endless stargazing

In the same vein, Outback Australia is also an amazing place to go stargazing. There is far less light pollution, which means at night the sky is filled with millions of stars that are easily seen to the naked eye. 

This is truly a treat, especially for anyone who doesn’t often get to see a night sky that isn’t heavily polluted by light. 

Outback Flights With River Country Adventours 

Many people think it’s difficult to travel through the Outback, but with the right guide you can have an effortless and unforgettable journey. 

Some people may be hesitant to book a trip to Outback Australia on their own. River Country Adventours offers a range of different Outback flights and tours, so you can adventure this amazing landscape while feeling secure and safe. 

You can read more about our Outback Flights here

Background History 

Want a sneak peak into some of the history you will be learning about on one of our trips? Here’s some information about the Burke & Wills Expedition told by Rob Asplin. 

The first camels into Australia were brought in especially for the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition in 1860. The 25-camels and their 3-handlers were quarantined at Vectis near Horsham in Western Victoria. The camels were then brought to Melbourne for the Great Northern Expedition which set off in August 1860.

Robert O’Hara Burke, an Irish born policeman, led the party with William John Wills, an English born surveyor and meteorologist, who became second in charge. It took the group over 6-weeks to travel through the goldfields of Victoria and they were treated like modern day movie stars with their camels which most of the diggers had never seen before. Burke, Wills, King and Gray with 6-camels and a horse set off into the unknown from Menindee left the remainder of the camels in the care of William Brahe.

 In February 1861 Burke and Wills reached the marshland near the Gulf of Carpentaria, thus becoming the first people to cross the continent from south to north. Gray died on the return trip to Cooper Creek, the other three reached base at Cooper Creek on April 21, 1861 only to discover that Brahe and his party had left only hours before.

Both Burke and Wills perished in the harsh outback but King was found alive in September 1861 after being looked after by the Yantruwanta people, who were a local Indigenous group.

Burke and Wills’ remains were returned to Melbourne for a public farewell; however later the Victorian Government inquiry into the tragedy was very critical of Burke and several others.

During this well organised flight tour to Innamincka the modern traveller will discover the difficulties confronting the early explorers, we will be taken to the famous Dig Tree and to the place that Burke died and the actual spot where the rescue party found King as well as many other most interesting facts.

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