$460 / per person

3-day Wyuna to Kanyapella. Camp set up. $445.00 per person.
4-day Mc Coys Bridge to Kanyapella $480.00 per person.
This is the ultimate canoeing/kayaking adventure

$210 / per person

Most popular camping and canoeing adventure over 2-days. You bring all your camping gear We provide toilet, water, campsite & shuttle.   $235.00 per person.
* Kids under 12 ½ price with parents. Wyuna

$500 / per canoe

2-day Seymour to Tahbilk Estate 40 km. $490.00 per Canoe.
2-day Ghin Ghin to Seymour 43 km $490.00 per Canoe.
3-day Trawool to Nagambie 67 km $535.00 per Canoe.
4-day Ghin Ghin to Nagambie 120 km $555.00 per Canoe.

$420 / per canoe

2-day Mc Coys to Yambuna 30 km $425.00 per Canoe.
2-day Yambuna to Kanyapella 35 km $425.00 per Canoe.
3-day Yambuna to Echuca 60 km $455.00 per Canoe.
3-day Wyuna to Kanyapella 60 km $455.00 per Canoe.
4-day Wyuna to Echuca 80 km $470.00 per Canoe.

$165 / per canoe

Canoes $40.00 per hour.
Kayaks $30.00 per hour
Day rate $165.00 per canoe
Available at Nagambie Lakes. Mitchelton Winery, Wyuna and Barmah

$110 / per person

Half day- Inc. driven to start or collection at end $75.00 per person.*
Full day Inc. driven to start or collection at end $110.00 per person.*
*Catering extra $25.00 p.p.
Available at Seymour, Nagambie, Shepparton, Wyuna, Yambuna, Barmah and Echuca (Murray River)

$500 / per canoe

All sections of Murray from Yarrawonga to Echuca.
The safari prices are based on per canoe and include safety gear, water, waterproof barrels, rope and tools, maps and transport.
All safaris based on Canadian Canoes paddling up to 5-6 hours each day.
Prices valid until June 30, 2022 & incl. GST
Murray River  price from $500.00 per canoe