Kayaking is a fun, sustainable, and inexpensive activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is also a great way to teach kids about the outdoors. and create memories that will last a lifetime, whilst teaching kids the importance of safety in the water, and expressing the importance of wearing a life jacket.

Two types of kayaks are available, full and sit-on-top. The full kayak is the classic model, which is more stable and designed for those who paddle with their legs on either side. The sit-on-top kayak features an open cockpit that allows you to stand in the boat while paddling, a great family adventure.

Parents often take their children for granted because they seem so mature. However, they are still learning skills such as remembering their names. It’s important to add childhood memories, and get them away from the digital world we now live in. 

At River Country Adventour we are here to make sure with our varied Kayak adventures, the whole family has fun.

Benefits Of Kayaking

There are many benefits of kayaking with your kids. helping you bond with them, improve their relationship and teach them valuable life skills. It is a great way to introduce fun activities that will lead to lifelong memories.

Have you ever tried kayaking before? Well actually, it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it, even for beginners! We have chosen the best and most exciting Kayaking spots, a favourite chosen holiday for the school holidays.

Our Chosen Destinations

Australian deserts, dunes and creeks are all popular places for kids to explore, from the McCoys Bridge to Kanyapella to Ghin Ghin to Nagambie. There are lots of islands and Iguanas in between too!

Many of our tours are suited to families of all ages, which include kid-friendly kayaks and tour recommendations for both experienced teens and little ones.

We have been helping families enjoy a greater variety of outdoor adventures in the central Ohio region for 30+ years. Our trips encompass kayaking, canoeing, & camping with some of the best wildlife present anywhere at any time. 

Build self-esteem

Paddling is great for building water confidence in both kids and adults. As a water based activity can help kids with any insecurities they have, there are always new things you can learn to do, for instance paddling helps you build your strength, stamina, and coordination. 

Reducing Stress

You can choose how your adventure will go, whether you want it to be more of a full-on or not. Whichever way, there’s something family friendly and fun waiting for everyone!

Going out on a kayak or canoe can be one of the most calming experiences you can have while outdoors. Being able to listen to the wildlife and feel at peace with Mother Nature is a huge stress reliever in itself, children have the ability to learn everything outdoors.

Spend some good quality bonding time with your family and friends this year and book your next adventure with River Country today!