Looking for a new destination for your bucket list that you can actually cross off? 

There’s no denying the beauty that lies in the Australian outback, so the options for where to explore are endless. Which makes making a decision near impossible, but we’re here to help. 

If you know you want to get amongst it but don’t know where to start, then why not start with an outback flight to Lake Eyre? Here’s why you should consider it. 

Rich History

Let’s start with the history; what’s the significance of Lake Eyre? 

To start with, Kati Thanda Lake Eyre is Australia’s largest lake, at a whopping 11,088 square km. It also holds the record for the natural lowest point in Australia, at a magnificent 15 metres below sea level. 

These numbers may seem massive, but Lake Eyre was once at least 3 times as big. Between 

It is still possible to see it as the magnificent lake that it once was if you visit during the wet season. During seasons of heavy rainfall the rivers run in torrents and fill the lake to the brim. 20,000 and 40,000 years ago the climate was understandably quite different, which meant this lake was also quite different. Back then it was a freshwater lake that was full of life and the shores were blanketed in vegetation and wildlife.

Over time though, as the temperatures rose and everything began to dry the once enormous lake began to shrink. In its place is a string of smaller salty lakes. 

Lake Eyre from sky during dry season

But it is always an amazing sight to see, as even in the dry seasons it is the biggest salt pan in the world.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg, Lake Eyre’s history runs so much deeper. During our Spirit of the Outback flight you’ll learn this and so much more about its modern discovery and the many famous explorers that went before you, including Burke and Wills and its namesake Edward Charles Eyre.

Spectacular Views and Dining Experiences

The only way to truly capture the true essence of this magnificent salt lake is to take a scenic flight. Sure, it looks great from the shore and the water, but the only way to gauge its size is from the air. 

During your flight, you’ll see so much more than just the lake. You’ll experience views of the Lake Eyre National Park which covers over a million hectares of arid desert, including all of Lake Eyre North, and the adjoining Tirari Desert.

While sand dunes may not look like much from the ground, they’re spectacular from the sky, with layers of colours that change based on the time of day. 

During your outback adventure you’ll get many chances to visit some of South Australia’s best rural towns and taste the local delicacies. We make at least 3 meal stops a day at different locations which all offer unique views and experiences. 

On the first day you’ll enjoy a relaxing Kingfisher cruise before settling on shore for a picnic lunch at Innamincka. While you’re there, you’ll also get to visit Australia’s most famous tree. Dinner that night will then be served with a spectacular sunset view in Birdsville followed by free time so you can do some self-guided exploring. 

Day 2 will be just as jam packed with adventures. In the morning you’ll experience the beautiful vastness of Lake Eyre National Park’s deserts and rivers as we make our way to Williams Creek for a local pub style lunch. Then finally we’ll finish the experience by exploring the breathtaking Flinders ranges before afternoon tea. 

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