During a self-guided safari you will be able to rent canoes and kayaks for a set period of time and then receive a map and directions on your chosen safari route. You will then be able to embark on your adventure in your own time and at your own leisure. 

Self-guided safaris are ideal for experienced canoers or kayakers who know the basics of navigating and paddling and camping. They can also be a great option for families or groups of friends who want to embark on an adventure together. 

While there are numerous benefits to both guided and self-guided safaris, today we just want to focus on the self-guided option. 

Set Your Own Pace

Man enjoying a self-guided canoeing safari.

When you travel with a tour group the guide will set the pace and you will need to keep up. While this is great for ensuring you keep to a set schedule, depending on your skill level it can either be difficult to keep up or too slow for your comfort. Focusing on keeping with a pack can also cause you to not take in your surroundings properly.

Whereas, adventuring alone or even with your own group or friends or family puts you in charge. You can set the pace and travel as fast or slow as you and your crew desire. 

So you can take your time to take in the beautiful scenery and wildlife that surround you and just relax on the water. Or you can paddle faster and get a full workout on the waves of the Murray River while the wildlife watch. 


Along with setting the pace, you also have more flexibility. If you see a beach or some wildlife and want to take a few minutes or even a few hours to relax and take in your surroundings you can. 

This is great if you have children that tire easily and need to take frequent breaks or slow down for periods to keep them enjoying the experience to the fullest. 

You can also call it a day as early or late as you want. If you want and feel comfortable to finish your day after sunset you can or you can call it quits after lunch. 

Quality Time with Family or Friends

A couple of ladies enjoying a canoeing safari.

Taking a self-guided safari can be a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family, while getting out in nature and trying and experiencing new things together. 

While you can do this with a tour group, your experiences will be more intimate if you just go with your own group. Out on the water in the outback you are sure to share many laughs, experiences and stories that will stay with you all and be remembered for years to come. 


A man canoeing by himself at sunset.

A self-guided canoe tour can be a great time to get out in nature by yourself and reflect and relax. 

There are seldom more relaxing places than out on a secluded river among the Australian flora and fauna with the calming waves beneath you and soothing breeze all around you. 

This makes these safaris a great way to unwind, relax and destress from your everyday life. 

At River Country Adventours we offer a range of guided and self-guided safari tours around the Murray River. You can check out our range of canoeing and kayaking safaris and book your next adventour here.