Australia has always been a fascinating continent, teeming with natural wonders and a rich history waiting to be explored. One way to truly appreciate its beauty is from above, and no one does it better than River Country Adventours

This blog will provide an exciting sneak peek into their Outback flight experiences, giving you a taste of adventure that waits in the Australian skies.

Known for their top-rated adventure tours, River Country Adventours has been a name synonymous with outdoor exploration for more than three decades. Their Outback flights offer an entirely different perspective of Australia’s immense and varied landscapes, promising an experience like no other.

The Lake Eyre tour is a testament to this, inviting adventurers on a two-day journey to one of the most iconic Australian landmarks. Lake Eyre, situated in one of the lowest natural points in Australia, is a spellbinding sight from above. This massive lake is an extraordinary natural phenomenon that provides a haven for countless migratory birds when it floods.

Adding to the experience, the tour includes a drive down the famous Birdsville Track and a visit to the historic Outback town of Innamincka. Here, adventurers can soak in the local culture and history, enhancing their understanding of this unique part of the world.

River Country Adventours also offers a unique “Outback Pub Crawl” that not only gives a bird’s eye view of the sprawling landscapes but also offers a hearty taste of the local Outback culture. This airborne pub crawl is a unique blend of sightseeing and socialising, allowing adventurers to enjoy Australia’s stunning Outback in a fun, laid-back setting.

What sets River Country Adventours apart from others is their dedication to making these experiences not just adventurous but also safe and comfortable. Their pilots are not just skilled aviators but also knowledgeable guides who enhance the journey with interesting insights and facts about the places you visit.

Starting with the 3-day Spectacular Flight to Ceduna Whales, this adventure provides a truly unique experience for nature lovers. As you fly towards the Great Australian Bight, you’ll witness the stunning panorama of the Nullarbor Plain, a vast arid landscape that boasts of being the world’s largest single piece of limestone.

Upon arriving in Ceduna, located on the stunning Eyre Peninsula, adventurers have the opportunity to witness Southern Right Whales in their natural habitat. This annual migration of Southern Right Whales from the sub-Antarctic to the warmer waters of Australia provides a breathtaking spectacle that is not to be missed. This round trip from Melbourne to Ceduna offers a thrilling chance to explore some of Australia’s most dramatic landscapes, while also witnessing one of nature’s most majestic marine creatures.

With River Country Adventours, you’ll be treated to an aerial view of this extraordinary phenomenon, a sight that will leave you in awe of nature’s capabilities. 

Through these two tours, River Country Adventours showcases the breathtaking diversity and beauty of Australia’s landscape, from its coastal regions to the arid Outback, providing adventurers with unforgettable experiences and memories to last a lifetime.
River Country Adventours’ Outback flights offer a thrilling and unique way to experience the heart of Australia. So, if you’re looking to unleash your adventurous side, an Outback flight with River Country Adventours should be on your bucket list!